Children with Special Needs in Oman

10  What kind of image do you have when you hear the words “children with special needs“?  Do you imagine a drooling, wheelchair-bound child rocking back and forth and unable to understand anything around them?  That is the image most people come with when they visit The Association of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs reports the director, Masooma Al Saleh.

“Oman has seen a remarkable achievement in the quality of life of its people over the past 32 years, particulary in the areas of health and education.  This rapid development has assured Omanis their basic minimum needs.  However, the needs of disabled children and their families has not been fully recognized, especially for children from birth to age 6 who do not receive any services at all.

The Association of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs was officially chartered by the Ministerial Order (144/2000) issued on the 20th of May, 2000 to address the overwhelming needs of young children with special needs.  It aims to provide a range of services that impact children’s welfare and improves the quality of life for them and their families.

The Association provides its services through a centre which currently is the only service provider for the age group (birth to 6 years): A daycare program in Al Athaibath works as a play school which allows the children to work to gain self confidence and independence.  A home visiting educational program for children in their homes, where a trained team of home visitors provide a carefully structured curriculum to help coach mothers to become effective teachers of their own children in their own environment.  Additionally, the Center provides an Assessment Unit which ensures that children receive a comprehensive program of professional testing and evaluation as well as the therapeutic needs of the children.

As an organization concerned about these children, it becomes our duty to improve the quality of their lives by spreading awareness in the community to erase the negative stigma held against this segment of the society, our children with special needs.

Our presentation includes an understanding of the services we provide to meet the varying needs of the children and their families as well as the role of community in this endeavor.”Masooma  Masooma Al Saleh, director of The Assocation of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs.                                     A few interesting things heard during the presentation:

  • There are no numbers or statistics available on the number of special needs/disabled people in Oman
  • It has been decided by the government that the term “special needs” will be replaced with “those with disabilities”
  • The idea of this Association is to create a model centre and then others can be started around the country
  • 130 children are in the home assisted program, 65 in the centre program with 35 full staff members.  This means that each teacher has 3 students.  There are also 4 specialists at the centre which costs 60,000 RO/year to provide.

Masooma, during the “Community Involvement” and “Awareness” segments of the conference. mentioned that we could help through mass media and word of mouth.  I asked her if it would be okay to mention the important work of her association on my blog and she said she would be glad if I did so and even allowed me to take a photo of her.Check out their website at and consider supporting them!


38 responses to “Children with Special Needs in Oman

  1. Salam
    Iam here in USA working with Autistic children and special needs Iam looking for jobs if opening

  2. Dear Khalil,
    Salam! If you are interesting in working with the Association of Early Intervention in Oman, you should contact them and ask them about openings. Their email address is

  3. I am here in oman on visit,an occupational therapist by profession from india looking for jobs if any.

  4. Iam in USA working with Children special needs and autistic children for 8 year as therapy if you have job open please let me know

  5. Mohamed Kamel

    I am looking for a job in the special needs field my experience is about 8 years as an autistic and special education specialist in Egypt.

    • Mohammed, My son is an autistic child and needs special education. Can you help him. pl call me on 95750163 if you are interested.


  6. Dear Ms. Andy,
    I have son of 3.5 yrs and he is a late talker and i am worried though he is normal and he does makes signs for his needs and says few words and nursery ryhms too..but i want to help him to come out and talk freely, i dint know where to any guideness from ur side will help.his doctor feels he needs a little bit of time for him to start as this late speaking runs in my family. plz do suggest me something and now he is in playgroup

  7. Dear Ayisha,
    Salam a lay koom!
    I am not connected with the Assocition of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs. I simply posted the information they provided at an informative meeting I attended. I highly recommend you to contact the AEI at to schedule a visit or talk with one of their professional educators. (Tel: 24496960/24492118 email: ) God bless you as you seek what’s best for your precious son! 🙂

  8. I am in Pakistan working with Children special needs and autistic children for 13 years as remedial teacher if you have job open please let me know

    • Dear Sarwat Zara. Salam, My name is Kaleem. I am living in Muscat. i have one son Autistic, Abdul Samad he is 14 yrs old. I need your help for my my special child. pls contact me. 92077227

  9. hai mam,

    I am s. lovely, i am an occupational therapist by profession , ans have 2 years experience in pediatric field. i am from India, and now joined my husband, who is working as staff nurse in ministry of health in salallah. I have worked with , children with special needs, mainly with autistic , hyperactive, dyslexic , attention deficits, ect. I was, working under a program called ” RDI[relationship and development] ” techniques , which has helped autistic kids to develop in social interactions.. Also, a program called “mind reading” for, mild and moderate autistic . These has shown a successful achievement ratings for the kids ,in respect with there cooperation.
    now, i am looking for a job in oman. pls do refer me. My mail id my contact number.898949297 lovely eugene.

  10. Sir/Ma,
    I wish to work as a volunteer in your organisation. I would be glad to a reply from you.
    Thanking you in anticipation
    Esan Olawale Mukadas

  11. Esan,
    If you’d like to work as a volunteer, you should definitely contact AEI at Telephone: 24496960
    Fax: 24492118
    God bless!

  12. Dears I live in Oman and have a 8 years Boy how has scan problem he can’t read or write I tried all mu best but failed to help him can anyone help?

    Nasser Barwani

  13. Nasser,
    Call the institute and I’m sure they’ll inform you of what is best. Tel-24496960 All the best to you and your son. God bless!

  14. Nasser,


  15. OMR,
    Thanks! Googled Al Harub Medical Center. Telephone number is 24600750. Hope this helps out, Nasser!

  16. Hi Andy. I googled ‘Special Needs jobs in Oman’ and this link was the first one to come up! It’s an informative article and it’s great to see how you’ve been able to connect people with services for Special Need. Keep up the good work and God bless.

    • Vanita,
      Hello there! 🙂 It seems that many search items containing “Oman” lead people to my blog. I’m glad I can give the association of early intervention some attention as they are doing great things here in Oman! Thanks for your encouragment! God bless you as well, my friend!

  17. i mam,
    i am mayura morkhande from india,and i am looking foward to work in oman.
    i am special educator for autism and cp both.i complete qualification is DSE(CP) , DSE(ASD) , BA(PSYCHOLOGY).
    mam please let me knw if i i have any chance of working there

    • I got ur name from Dr. Jitendra Grover. My 4.5 year mildly autistic son needs help and classes. Pls call on 9301064644. Right now I am at Bina.

  18. Mayura,
    Email the association directly at . God willing, they might have need of you.

  19. Mayura. I son Rohan needs special teacher for a month here in Muscat.He studies in India but for a month he is coming to Muscat. He is 13 years old and he needs help of Behaviour thyrapist. Can you help. Pl call me on my GSM 95750163

    • You really should try the phone numbers or email listed in the post/comments!!! I don’t think someone from the AEI is going to read this and contact you. I wish you all the best with your son, Rohan.

  20. My Name is Kaleem. I need special Teacher for my son. He is Autistic child. He have Behaviour problm Pls contact 92077227.

    • Abdul,
      I wish you all the best with your son. You need to contact specialists. This is just a blogger with no connection to the centre I’ve written about here. Best of luck!

  21. I am occupational therapist and I spend 2 months in muscat travelling. All I know is there are not so many family interested in intervention for special needs children, as culture and community are the rough road for them.Goverment needs policy in registered special needs persons and make statiistic so they can give them help directly.

    • Warisa,
      I have the utmost respect for occupational therapists as you provide a vital service to society. God bless you and your work! SALAM!

  22. Hello all,
    Muscat really needs more specialists,as u find it hard to get the help that u need for your child,knowing that there are so many details regarding special needs children.
    My son has speech delay and learning difficulties. It took me some time to find the quality help that I needed.
    The early intervention center is a very good association.. They can meet with u and advise u always.
    Best of luck for all seeking help or providing it

  23. There is an excellent website that can help parents with children who are late talkers, by Dr. James MacDonald. There are articles on some specific types of special needs also. And one can ask him questions, and he replies quickly. His information helped me encourage my son with Down Syndrome to begin talking. The link is

  24. Interesting to read the “current problems in society” and how these factors are affecting the development of children. Thanks for sharing!

  25. i have master degree in special education ,specilization both in mentle retarted childre and visioulimpaired children.looking for job in oman.

  26. Giridharan: April 19,2014

    I am Giridharan. S., Occupational Therapist from India,I have more than 11 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist. I would like to apply for the post of Occupational Therapist. Holding a professional License of Department of Health and children, Ireland.looking job in Oman

  27. N.lakshika miranda

    Dear Madam,I am here in oman on visit.I’m from Sri lanka i’m looking for a job in the speacial needs field.I have a diploma in counselling and psychology.If you have any vacancy please contact me.Many thanks…

  28. mrs sofia abubakar

    Dear madam,i am here in oman on family visai am from pakistan.i have done M.ED in specail education.if u have any vacancy plz contect me.thanks

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