Haircuts, Barbers, the Cost of Living in Oman and the Ever Worsening Economic Crisis to Grip the World!

THEN… IbriBarber  AND NOW… citybarber  Oman has come a LONG way in the past 40 years since Sultan Qaboos began ruling.  That goes not only for education, industry and infrastructure but extends even to the simple necessities of life such as GETTING A HAIRCUT!  There seem to be barbershops everywhere!  Almost every barbershop in Oman has either Indian or Pakistani barbers (and the occasional Filipino).citybarberpricesWhen I was in Canada on vacation, I remember my 2 brothers, Mark and David, discussing a great deal in Terrace, BC for a $15 haircut. I told them that that is nothing compared to 1 RO (or about $ 3.20 for a haircut) here in Oman!  Some things in Oman are INCREDIBLY cheap!  Another quick example of why living in Oman is so awesome!gas pricesThat’s 3.6 Omani Rials or about 11.5 Canadian dollars to fill up my tank! (20 months later in Jan. 2011 it’s now 5RO to fill up my tank)  (And that’s “super unleaded”-even cheaper for “regular”!!!)  With prices like THAT, you never have to worry if this happens…emptytank  Empty tank of gas?! At only $11.50 CAD (now $15 Canadian Jan. 2011), fill ‘er up!!!  For those of you who are paying WAY too much for gas elsewhere… cheerup  The book of Revelation in the New Testament describes 7 seals which represent the beginning of Christ’s judgment of unbelievers on the earth during the Tribulation period.  (The purpose of the Tribulation period is to punish unbelievers for their sin and rejection of Christ and to bring the remnant to faith in Christ.)  The 3rd seal represents inflation and famine.  “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” (Revelation 6:6)  The balances or scales are related to commerce and trade.  The word penny, better transliterated “denarius“, represented about one day’s wages.  Wheat and barley were considered necessities of life.  A measure was about one quart.  The price given is about 10 times what was normal.  The command hurt not the oil and the wine may indicate a restriction on the effects of the famine in this early part of the Tribulation.  Here’s a must see video a friend told me about on facebook –

….OK, back to barbers in Oman…If you are looking for a great/cheap barber in Muscat, I highly recommend City Barber which is located on the way to Crowne Plaze.  First, pass by the Qurum Natural Park and continue straight through the next roundabout.  As you approach the next curve in the road (to the left), you will see this mosque (Abdullah mosque). (You will not see this mosque in 2011 as it’s currently being reconstructed!)abdullahmosqueTurn right just after this mosque and you can find City Barber-next to Muscat Pharmacy, behind the Fisherman’s Lodge Restaurant and next to Qurum Clinic with Dr. Smita Lulla.citybarberbarber This is my regular barber!  If you end up going here, make sure you tip well!!!  Here’s today’s Bible verse on haircuts:
“Doth not even nature itself teach you that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?” (1 Corinthians 11:14)

51 responses to “Haircuts, Barbers, the Cost of Living in Oman and the Ever Worsening Economic Crisis to Grip the World!

  1. Hi Andy & Che,

    Your blog has been very interesting and informative as well… I will be relocating to Muscat around May 15th. You have helped me find a church to go and also lot of places to visit. I am from India, getting married and moving in there. God bless!


  2. Dear Surekha,
    Thanks for the friendly comment! We are so glad to know that our website could be of some service to you. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and also on your relocation here! If you need any assistance or have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at Hopefully we’ll see you and your soon-to-be-husband here in Muscat sometime in the near future! 🙂
    MANY blessings!

  3. I am a bachelor. I will be relocating to Muscat. I am offered a salary of 700 R.O. with free Air Conditioned Accomodation & free flight home once every year. Is it a good salary to survive over there? mail me at

    • It depends on what line of work you’re in and what your current salary is now. If it is more than what you are making at the moment, then I would recommond accepting the offer. Free accomodation is a very important point to consider seeing how rent can be overpriced quite a bit here in Muscat. I hope this helps you a little as you consider such an important career/life choice. Many blessings!

  4. Behnam Kheradmand

    I am an Occupational Therapist have been selected by a medical center in Dubai to join their branch in Oman with a salary of 5000 dm without any benefit someone please advise me about this salary and cost of living in Oman i have to join before 6 of this coming week thanks for your guidance waiting

  5. Dear Behnam,
    First of all, please forgive me for not replying earlier! I really think the medical center you are thinking of joining is really not offering you much at only 5000dm (That’s 500 Omani rials, right?!) Email me at and let me know more details and I’ll get RIGHT back to you. Blessings!

  6. hi mr. andy thanks for this informative site u have..
    i would like to ask for your advise regarding oman salary bracket for profession like architect..can u pls give me an idea..thanks and more power..God bless you and your family

  7. Dear ionerenzo,
    Greetings! One of my good friends from the church is a Srilankan architect and I asked him about your question. Of course the salary will depend on your experience and education. In addition, they give out different salaries depending on which passport you’re holding. The lowest salary any architect might receive here in Oman (I was told) should not be less than 1,000 R.O. I hope this helps.

  8. hello its me again. thank you for the help you are extending me. i very much appreciate it. il be there on sept 4rth. im so excited. oman air will take care with our transportation from the airport to our accomodation. my only problem would be the food especially now that its ramadan. anyway, is your church near the muscat airport. i was told that we will live near the airport. i hope im not bothering you so much with my questions.

  9. Hi, Sheila!
    Good to hear that you decided to take the job! Congratulations! If you let me and Che know when you are flying in, we’d like to be there to greet you (also in case your transportation doesn’t make it). Tell us this info through email if you’d like at Not to worry you, but there was one Filipino girl who showed up at the airport recently and was picked up by someone claiming to be her sponsor. They took her somewhere and she was raped. She went to the embassy of the Philippines but there was nothing they could do to help her. Asian ladies REALLY have to be careful in this part of the world-this type of thing is never reported in the newspapers for the sake of “image”.
    Yes, our church is near the Muscat airport. That is the one in Ghala with church service on Friday mornings. There is also one in Ruwi with service on Sunday evenings.
    PLEASE don’t think you are bothering us with your questions. We totally understand the nervousness/excitement/curiosity of coming to a completely new land and we only hope that we can help you as much as we can.

  10. I am a Chemical Engineer with 3 years experience. What is the minimum salary at musct of a Chemical Project Engineer with 3 years of experience?I am a bachelor. I will be relocating to Muscat. I am offered a salary of 700 R.O. with free Air Conditioned Accomodation & free flight home once every year. Is it a good salary to survive over there?

  11. Hi, Ronnie!
    It really depends on your previous experience, education and previous salary.
    700RO would be considered too little for some and quite a bit for others. It is definitely enough to “survive” over here.
    Hope it all works out for you. Blessings!

  12. Azhar Suharwardi

    Hi Andy,
    I am an MBA fresher living in India and I am being offered a job with a salary of 300 OMR.Whether this is with or without food/accomodation I do not know yet. Going through the above posts made me realize that this is probably not a very good offer. Do you think that one could survrive on that under a simple but decent life style.

    I would really apprertiate the help.

  13. Hi there Azhar
    I think you better ask your potential employer what benefits come with the job. That will help you make a more informed choice of course. It really depends on how it compares with what you were making in India. God bless as you try to make such an important career choice.

  14. Azhar Suharwardi

    Hi again,
    Thanx for the interest. The employer, in addition to 300OMR is also offering free accomodation, a vehicle and medical facilities but no food expenses. 300OMR equals 36000 INR, which is more than what I expect to earn in India, as I do not have a job experience. So do you think I should accept the offer?

  15. Hey Azhar,
    Well from your own lips, you mention that it’s more than what you would expect to earn in India, so why not, right?! Why not get some overseas experience that looks good on the resume while enjoying life in this beautiful country.
    Ultimately, it’s your choice and one you have to live with so may God bless you as you make this important choice regarding your future. Blessings!

  16. Hi,
    i have offer as Occupational Therapist in Muscat with 415 riyal and free accomodation .This is ok to serve life with my wife

  17. Hi Stalin,
    It really depends on what kind of salary you have received up to now. 415 riyals would seem like a LOT of money to those earning only 100-150 rials in various jobs here. It would seem extremely low for others in more professional fields. The fact that you get free accomodation is sweet. I’m really not sure how much occupational therapists make in Oman so it would be good if you could find out from people working in that field. All the best!

  18. Hi Andy,

    i have been offered with a package of 900 Omr im an electrical engineer wid 3 yrs exp. actually i want to know at wat cost i can get a sharing flat and individual single bedroom flat and abt food and transportation expenses. can u pls help me in this matter

  19. Hello Andy,

    Can you please advise if USD 9000/ month is a good salary for Sr. IT Consultant. I have been offered a Job in a Global Oil & Gas Company in Muscat.

    I Will be moving from USA, also above salary includes the additional perks like housing, Medical Ins., yearly ticket back home, etc.

    My concern is my kids schooling, I know if they go to American or British school it will cost lot of money, do you know is there a discount in those schools for an american citizen?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.


  20. hello andy,
    i got selected for the oman shapoorji company as a quality control/ assurance engineer in muscat. Its an construction company. They are offering me 375 rial omani per month..they are also providing a.c accommodation,food and other required utilities including transportation. Should i accept this offer and how much i can save from it. i’ m a bachelor and having a habit of smoking and drinking occasionally..

  21. Dear Sajid, Sayed and Prabhaker,
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I find it very hard to answer these questions as I don’t know what salary you have earned in the past (or currently). This is the point to consider. Is it more or at least equal to what you’re making now? As for rent, it depends on where you want to live and how many rooms. A quick search on google for rent prices in Oman should help you out.
    Sayed, school payments is always a big issue here. Most companies give some kind of tuition allowance for their kids. You might want to ask about that. Several of the international schools ask for a 1000-2000 Omani rial “donation” prior to enroling your kids…(big rip off!)
    Good luck to all of you as you make decisions whether to come or not!
    A GREAT place to find out the answers to many of these frequently asked questions is

  22. hi andy..good day…i ll be coming to oman soon as im joining a new job with a singaporean firm.i ll be based in an engineer..hows life there for single young to make new frens…

  23. Hi Vijay
    I think life is pretty good for single young guys here in Muscat. It really depends on what you do for fun and your personality. Some of the single men complain that it’s hard to find a nice lady but I found the love of my life so anything’s possible! 🙂
    If you want to make good friends, try to get involved in some social network once you arrive. Church is obviously great for Christians. For some women, they love the Muscat Women’s Fellowship to make new friends. There is the Muscat Road Runners for the athletic types! These are just a few quick examples of many groups you can join up with to make friends.
    All the best! I’m sure you’ll have a great time here in Oman! 🙂

  24. thanks andy..will post soon once i know the exact date im coming there

  25. Dear Andy,

    I am an electrical engineer with 2 years gulf work exp and am arriving in Oman on the 29th of may or so…as i will only be dere for 21 days could u please tell me what kind of salary scale should i be looking at over there?


  26. Amith,
    Best of luck to you as you seek employment. I really don’t know what kind of salary scale you can expect. You just have to compare it with previous salaries you’ve had and decide if it’s similar or better than other offers you’ve had. God bless!!!!

  27. hi
    i am getting 250OMR with offering free accomodation, a vehicle and medical facilities but no food expenses. 250OMR equals 36000 INR, which is more than what I expect to earn in India, as I do not have a job experience. So do you think I should accept the offer?
    plz do reply soon i am waiting ..

  28. Prasad,
    You need to look at previous comments to see that I am no expert in what salary one should expect here. I simply suggest comparing the salary offered with previous/current jobs. Free accomodation and a vehicle do should like great benefits seeing how you don’t have any job experience…God bless as you make such an important decision!

  29. Hello Andy,

    Very informative and interactive site you have here. I applied for a IT lab tech posted in the internet with more or less 700 OMR offer. I just finished the interview and hoping that I be accepted. I think it has a free lodging and allowance for food.

    I do have a question though. Is it possible for me to do side works and earn additional income? Like personalized home service maybe or as part time in outside shops? better yet, be an IT consultant for some. I am currently doing IT consultancy here in our country.


  30. The only people I know of that do sidework to earn extra income are housemaids, cleaners and gardeners. I have been told that Omanis are quite “jealous” about letting someone under their sponsorship do work for someone else. There are always exceptions though. I know one Filipino guy who supplements his income (as an architect) by doing side projects for people.

    I think in your case, it’s better to just ask your potential employer what their policy is regarding earning additional income. That’s just my opinion. Maybe if someone working in the IT field here in Oman stops by and reads this, they can tell you more.

  31. hi i am a indian barber in need to job

  32. irfan,
    Good luck finding a job! It should be easy enough to find a job as an Indian barber in Oman. There seems to be an Indian barbershop on every street here! 🙂

  33. Andy,
    I was offered a job as a civil engr in oman, i just would like to ask, if there are any Philippine school in muscat and how much is the yearly tuition. Also how much is the average food expenses for a family of four? I will appreciate it very much if you can give some advise..


  34. Hi Rey,
    Yes, there is a Philippine School in Muscat. My old officemate’s daughter used to attend that school and he had nothing but great things to say about the Philippine School in Muscat! He mentioned that the tuition is much cheaper than some of the international schools here but the education is still pretty good. For highschool students (grades 7-10), the registration is 276 rials and then 75 OR/month (June-March). For elementary (grades 1-6), the registration is 261 rials with a monthly fee of 60 rials . You can give Lizel (spelling?!) the secretary a call for further info at (+968) 24697636.

    About the average food expense for a family of four, I’m not really sure as it really depends on the individuals in the family and their lifestyle. Some families spend as little as 100 RO/month on groceries (I hear) while others spend a lot more. Our family spends at least 150 RO/month on groceries (only 2 adults + a 6-month baby) not including all the eating out we do and the delivery we order.
    I hope this helps!
    Take care!

  35. ass salam aalakum >>>>>. i am irfan from india oman is a very sweet ) > i nees jobs in oman i am a very good barber i know Language >HINDI. URDU, ARABIC, English VERY WALL any one need pls call or email me mobile +918010359172 or call mr yunus my baba 0096896652796

  36. Hi Andy,
    i just want to ask what are the price ranges of accomodation in Muscat, I am a Filipino applying for a job n Muscat.


  37. Hi Rolly,
    First of all, God bless you as you apply for jobs in Muscat! Price ranges depend on SO many things. Some people only rent out a room for 50 RO while some people rent out villas for 3000 RO. Now that’s quite a range to consider, isn’t it?! Many (good) jobs (like mine) provide accomodations for their employees which is definitely a benefit to consider when comparing jobs!

  38. Hi Andy!

    Thank you so much for the information, I really find your website very informative.

    Again, to want ask something more about the grocery thing, I am a bachelor and only buys what is necessary for me, can you give me a rough estimate that I will be spending in a month and can I also the amount you are spending on your own, I see that you have a family so I can compare it.

    Thank you again!

  39. Rolly,
    I wish I could answer your question about groceries (I’ll do my best), but it’s such a personal matter. Some people need very little when it comes to groceries and others require a lot as they have their own special brands and specialty items. It depends on so many factors. Are you one who likes to eat out a lot? Do you cook yourself? Do you snack a lot? Do you eat a lot of fast food? Our family is not a normal one to compare with as some months we eat out quite a bit and other months not much at all. I have never actually sat down and calculated the amount of money we spend on groceries/ month but sometimes it might be only 100 rials (but more spent on eating out) while some months groceries might be closer to 200 rials with less on eating out. Hope this vague answer helps you out! 🙂

  40. Hi Andy,
    Thank you again, I think the cost of spending there in Oman is just a little close that of the Philippines. In think I can now have an idea of the spending there. I know how to cook a little but the thing is I really love to eat. I may not be spending more on clothes and accessories but food is my primary concern.
    I am happy to know something from you day to day. I hope I can land a job there and be greatful to meet you.

    Have a great day! I’ll be asking a little more these coming days, please don’t get tired of answering my inquiries.

    Thanks a lot!


  41. Hi Andy.

    I have a offer from a co[SFO] as senior sales executive. I have 4+ year experience in bangalore, INDIA. I am 27year old. I am planing to get married within a year.

    I have a offer as below:
    Basic – 300 OMR
    Housing Allowance – 110 OMR
    Traveling Allowance – 15 OMR
    Car Allowance – 125OMR.

    Please help me to take decission to accept the offer or drop it. Back in Bangalore i am saving Rs.22000 = OMR 200.
    Can i save atleast 250OMR.

    Please suggest.

  42. Pruthvi,
    Only you can make such a decision. I have no idea what you could save in Oman as I don’t know what your eating/spending habits are like. You really need to compare it with the salary you have earned in the past and the salary you’re earning now. I hope you make a decision you’re comfortable with and that God guides you in the process!

  43. richelle joy geraldo

    hi andy,

    i was looking for a job here in oman. i have been here aug 25, 2011 but no still a job. i have been graduate the course of Bachelor of science in Information Technology. but i work in the philippines as receptionist in one company there. i start working there 2 years and 6 months. i looking for a job now..please me. u can contact me here. 92723361 or i here at vist visa..i will be release..

  44. My name is Suresh, I am from India. I got a offer in OTE group in Muscat as software developer, They are offering 250OR’s and they provide the accommodation, air ticket and medical aliveness,
    Is it good to join?
    If i join how much i can save?, Now I am getting 16000 rupees salary.
    Is it good to me to accept the offer?

    Thanks & Regards
    G.Suresh Babu.

    • Mr. Babu,
      16000 rupees converts to 125 OR. They are offering you DOUBLE what you’re making now plus accomodation, air ticket and medical. Sounds pretty good to me, but only you can decide if this offer is worth leaving your home country and “gambling on favorable conditions” over here. I wish you all the best in this important decision! Kind regards.

  45. Joseph Prabhu

    Dear Andy,
    I am an Occupational Therapist working in muscat for past 3 years. I like to acknowledge and appreciate the help you are rendering through this website. It will be of great help for a new comers. God bless you, family and the service you do.

    Joseph Prabhu

  46. hi andy,
    i am a sri lankan architect who works for the airport project in muscat.
    i am a chatered architect in sri lanka and have almost 07 years experience in sri lanka.
    my job offer is 750 OMR on bachelor basis.
    no other allowances.
    only i get 30 OMR as medical on reimbursement basis. that means u can take medicines up to 30 OMR.
    company has promised me that they will give a company maintained car if i got license.
    Is this worth for an achitect ?

    • sumeda,
      Hi there! Hard to say what’s “worth it” for an architect as the pay seems to be different for architects with different passports here. You have to compare the offered salary with an equivalent job in Sri Lanka and go from there. All the best!

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