Where Are My Students from? All over Oman!!!

I seem to have students from every corner of Oman this semester which is nice.  On the map below, 3 different colors represent the hometowns of my students from my 3 different classes.wheremystudentsarefrom  I have students from Nizwa (6), Muscat (6 including 2 from Qurum, 1 from AlKhuwair and 1 from Al Mwalh), Sumill/Samail (4), Ibri (4), Bahla (3), Rustaq (3), Salalah (3), Manah (2), Birkat AlMouz (near Nizwa), Al-Mudhaibi, Al-Khabourah/, Al-Molddah (near Rustaq), Al-Kamil, Al-Wafi, Sohar, Sur, Al-Swiq, Al-Moudhabi, Saham, Ial’aan Bani Bu Ali (near Sur), Nakhal, Al-Hamra, Liwa,  Izki, Al-Seeb/Al-Hail and I even have one student from the kingdom of Bahrain!biggermapofstudentshometowns  Here is a larger map of Oman (notice the few dots near the bottom representing my students fromSalalah :-))RegionsofOman  This is a great map I saw in the Museum of Al-Zubair which shows the 7 different regions of Oman and a little about what they are known for.  I think I have students from every region of Oman except for Al-Wusta which is in the middle of Oman. 

If someone were to ask me what I love most about Oman I would have to say, “My students are the Oman that I love!!!”


4 responses to “Where Are My Students from? All over Oman!!!

  1. you need to find some from Al Wusta

  2. How do I “find” some students from Wusta?! Of course I simply teach the students that come to my classes. Should I start advertising around campus, “Andy Brown would appreciate it if students who live in the Wusta region would join his class”, ha!ha!

  3. Mohammed Al-Abdulsalam

    Hello Mr.Andy

    I’m your student from Saham. Thank you for posting all these pictures.

  4. WOW! How nice to see your comment here, Mohammed! By the way, thanks for all the photos you sent through email. Keep studying hard. Just 3 more weeks of classes to go before the final exams. Can you believe it?! It has been a real pleasure teaching you and your classmates!

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