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2nd visit to The Sultan’s Palace (aka The Al Alam Royal Palace)

approaching the palace  Approaching the palace in Old Muscat.  Sultan Qaboos has quite a few palaces around Oman including in Salalah, Sohar, Barka and this one in Muscat.  This is probably his most famous palace as it has a “Walt Disney castle look” to it that is obviously quite popular with the tourists. left sideright side  And a closer look at the cannon…   palace cannon  Che and I were here for our 1st look at the palace 6 months ago. ( near palace  The mountains just behind the palace.  I noticed something different about the small fort up there on the hill.  Look real close…Doesn’t that look like someone looking out the window?!    But on closer look (with the help of the zoom button on my camera)…    close up of fort  Aha! That’s another cannon! Just imagine the poor sucker(s) who had to carry that thing up the mountain!lampposts and side buildinglook at that beauty!  Is that gorgeous, or what?! palace beautyanother gorgeous pic   It surprises me how many people I’ve met who’ve been living and working in Oman FOR YEARS and have never been to even the most famous tourists spots here!  What a shame to simply work 9 to 5 and never experience the real beauty of this country.  If God has brought you to this fascinating land, why not explore its forts, museums, beaches and sites of interest?!?  I, for one, plan to take in as many sights/sites as I can.  Living in Oman truly is like a “working vacation” and sometimes I want to pinch myself to make sure that it’s not all a dream!  And guess what, they are actually paying me to be here!!!  🙂

Muscat Gate

Muscat Gate and palm tree  Muscat Gate is a beautiful gate that many people drive through on a rush to get somewhere “more exciting”.  Park the car and explore this historic site, I say!  Take in the view, smell the flowers and learn a little from the Muscat Gate Museum!Gate and lampostMuscat Gate and flowersflowers at Muscat GateThe most beautiful woman in Oman!  My friend, wife and love, Che Brown! (Looks like that should be illegal! :-))Gate passagewaywow look at that view  And here’s a pic of an ancient Muscat Gate, taken at the Bait al Zubair MuseumGate from the past Gate towerrapunzel  “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Che, Che, Let down your hair that I may climb the golden Muscat stair.”che on towerview from the muscat gate  Here’s a view of Muscat Harbor from the top of Muscat Gateview from muscat gate 2  And this is looking on the other side gate stairwayMuscat Gate Museummuscat video entrance  The museum is open Sun to Thur 9:30am-1pm, 4-7pmmuseum hallwayChe at Muscat Gatepainting behind muscat gate  This pretty cool painting is on the wall just behind the Muscat Gate on Riyam Street.Riyam Street  I hope you all enjoyed these pictures of Muscat Gate.  Have a safe, relaxing and BLESSED weekend, everyone!  🙂  If life is getting you down, LOOK UP TO GOD! (Colossians 3:1-2)  (The weekend starts on Wed afternoon here in Oman!)

Kalbooh Park, Muscat, Oman

kabooh park 1  Kalbooh Park, near Muttrah and Old Muscat, is another example of the beauty of Muscat Parks!Kalbooh Park view  As you can see, Kalbooh Park is just down the road from Riyam Park and the “giant incense burner”.directions  As you drive from Muttrah Souk, past Riyam roundabout on the right, you will see this sign showing the way to Kalbooh Park on the left.  (Be careful that’s a dangerous turn and cars can suddenly come flying around the corner!)Che at kalbooh park   The water is incredible here and we saw quite a few local boys swimming in the shallow area near the road.  Kalbooh Park is quite popular with the locals but not well known to tourists.  Many tour books even leave this gorgeous park out!park rules   I, myself, find it hard to “wacth children while I’m enjoying different play equipments.” 🙂Kalbooh snacks  It’s highly recommended to bring a lunch and cooler with drinks to sit on the grass and enjoy this place.  If you don’t, no need to worry as they can whip you up something simple to eat here.  It is obviously no Ritz Carlton but good enough for a hungry soul!che and toys  Plenty of toys for children and the young at heart as well!Kalbooh gorgeous viewfort and trees at KalboohKalbooh sea scene  Kalbooh Park – fun for the whole family!Me and my love at KalboohAndy and Che KalboohAndy and Che at Kalbooh Park  So if you have time, it’s best to get down to Kalbooh Park before the heat gets unbearable!  You won’t be disappointed as it truly is a gorgeous spot!

Markaz Al Bahja Shopping Mall

Markaz al Bahja  This pleasant, medium-sized and not often crowded mall is located just past Muscat City Centre as you drive towards Sohar.  More precisely, it is located at the al Mawaleh roundabout between Seeb and Muscat.Markaz al Bahja 2  They have an Al Fair supermarket, Baskin Robbins, Marks & Spencer, a nice food court, and 3 floors of shops.  There is also a movie theatre, pool tables and a bowling alley on the lowest level.  By the way, in case you were wondering why there is a Korean flag hanging there (I sure was!), it is because they had a Taekwondo club/competition promotion going on. (Tel: 247715485) Open Sat-Thu 10am-10pm; Fri 2pm-10pmfriends in mall  Henry & Ansu, Che and Tracey posing at Markaz Al Bahja on the bottom floor. check out those shoes!  Don’t ask! I have no idea what they are up to! I simply take the pictures!  🙂Timeout Magazine  Thought I’d just mention that I get most of my info about shops/museums/restaurants business hours and phone numbers from this great magazine which is available at Borders in the Muscat City Centre for only 1.5 RO.  This magazine sure has come in handy!

Turkish House Restaurant

Turkish House Restaurant front  This restaurant, Turkish House Restaurant, which is located in al Khuwair has become a favorite of Che’s and mine.  The food is awesome and the prices are quite reasonable!Turkish House Restaurant new extension  “The Turkish cuisine is one of the famous cuisines in the world.  Despite the simplicity of its preparations, the freshness of the ingredients, which is used in the cuisine, gives it rich and delusions taste that satisfy your craving.  The variety of soups, appetizers, and the main dishes of fish and meat followed by the Turkish sweets before ending the feast by drinking hot Turkish coffee.  Food critics assure that the Turkish cosine is one of the best three cousins in the world.” (The menu-word for word)baker and oven in menu  The baker and oven according to the menu…

And “the REAL deal”, ha!ha!…:-) turkish oven and baker    bread and sauces  One of the best things about the Turkish House Restaurant is the bread!  This here is the bread/houmous appetizer which is worth the trip to this place alone!Turkish breadMixed grill  Mixed Grill-my favorite dish, by far, at the Turkish House!grilled shrimp  Grilled shrimp – a favorite of my honey’s! dish 3sharks teeth  Sharks teeth near the cashier counter

If you’ve never been to The Turkish House, you really need to check it out!  They also serve parties and do home delivery in the al Khuwair region. (Tel-24488071 or 99215583)  They are open daily from 11am to 1am.  We are ALWAYS surprised by how low the bill is when it comes.  Another great aspect to this restaurant is its informal, charming atmosphere.  They certainly don’t aim to dazzle you with the premises-they choose to dazzle you with the food!