The Omani Kummah

TheOmaniKummah  The Kummah is a simple cap for everyday use for Omani males.  The Kummah consists of 2 pieces of cloth sewn together; a circular top with rectangular strip attached to form the sides.  The cap is made of crisp white cotton that is embroidered in many different colours with unique highly decorative designs.  Traditionally, the women in the family would make them for their men folk.

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5 responses to “The Omani Kummah

  1. salam!
    Is it possible to buy in Austria original Kummah (10 Pcs)?? but only in black and white design.
    circumference: 58cm.
    Thanks a lot

  2. I know some Phillapino women who painstakingly do the embroidery ‘by hand’ for a pittance (they are then marked up considerably and sold to the public).

    • I’m sure the women who do the embroidery are grateful to have a secondary source of income so they can send more money back home to their families! (as low as it may be) Of course it would be fantastic if they got a “fair share” for their hardwork! I hear you!

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