The Seacoast Village of Qantab, Oman!

QantabOmani  An Omani fisherman from Qantab graciously allowing a curious tourist to snap a photo!letgoofmyhome!  One has to be very careful when collecting shells to make sure you are not stealing someone’s home!Qantabvillagescene  The fishing village of Qantab is along the coast  just outside Muscat between the Bustan Palace and the Shangri-La.  Check out the general area here:  How do you spell beauty?! “C-H-E” Cheonqantabrocksshellsandseacloseupcheandmistybeachpeekaboothroughholecheandqantabrocks  If you look past my gorgeous wife, Che, (a hard thing to do, I know! :-) )  you will notice some very interesting rock formations there! One kinda looked like a dragon’s head.birdsatQantab  Qantab is a charming village indeed!  Many people fail to visit it due to “more exciting locations” such as the Shangri-La or Bustan Palace just up the coast, but it is definitely worth taking a stroll off the beaten path!

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2 responses to “The Seacoast Village of Qantab, Oman!

  1. Greeting Andy and Che. I was just wondering how long is the drive from Qurum to Qantab? There’s a beautiful villa for rent in Qantab and your informative blog just does a better job than a YouTube video.

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