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“Modern Omani Hieroglyphics”?!

sign  “Walk like an Egyptian Omani”

Nando’s Restaurant at (CCC) Commercial City Center, Qurum

nandosstorefront  Nando’s is a pretty popular restaurant in Muscat.  I avoided the place for the longest time as I thought they ONLY served spicy dishes.  Che convinced me to go and I’m glad we went.  Apparently, it’s an international chain of restaurants. Check out their website at www.nandos.com to see what makes their food preparation so famous.nandosspicelevel  As you can see from the inside cover of their menu, they have different “torture levels” when it comes to spices at Nando’s.  For the brave, there is Extra Hot Peri-Peri while the sensitive tastebud possessors such as myself should stick to Mildor Lemon and Herb.Chesdish  This was Che’s dish, the 1/4 chicken with side dish, which she enjoyed a great deal.andysmeal  The Mediterranean Salad, which I ordered, was scrumptious!chocolatepassion  This dessert, Chocolate Passion, tasted as good as it looks!

So…if you are looking for a reasonably priced restaurant in Muscat with both ambiance and flavour, I recommend trying Nando’s out!  It definitely gets the “Andy-Brown-stamp-of-approval!”