Mumtaz Mahal – Muscat’s Most Popular and Most Expensive Indian Restaurant

CheandMarieTessatMumtaz  Che and her sister, Marites, at Mumtaz Mahal.  We decided to check it out to see what all the rave was about!entrancetoMumtaz  From the bottom of the hill on the drive up to the restaurant.  Mumtaz is on the upper hill of Qurum Natural Park and lights up the sky in green neon as you drive by on Sultan Qaboos Street.entrancetomumtaz  The restaurant from the main entrance. The restaurant is upstairs and the “Left Bank” Bar is on the ground floor.  The restaurant is named after The Taj Mahal in India.  From the menu, “The story dates back to 1607, when a prince of the royal Mughal strolled down the Meena Bazaar, accompanied by a string of fawning courtiers.  He caught a glimpse of a girl hawking silk and glass beads.  Five years later the regal 20-year old went to wed his 19-year old bride.  It was a fairytale union from the start, one that withstood court intrigue, battles for succession and finally, the grand coronation.  And when she died in the 19th year of their marriage, he etched her story in stone.  The Taj Mahal is a living symbol of the monumental passion of Shah Jahan and Arjumand Banu (Mumtaz).  To people the world over, the Taj Mahal, mausoleum of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s chief wife, Mumtaz Mahal, is synonymous with India.  As a tomb, it has no match upon earth, for mortal remains of immortal love have never been housed in greater grandeur.”  I couldn’t disagree more.  Take note that it was named after his CHIEF wife-He had other wives and plenty of concubines! Is that love?!  And HE didn’t build it-He had hundreds of SLAVES build it!  If that is the world’s idea of love, it certainly is warped.CheonMumtazhill  Che on the stairs to Mumtaz with the main street of Muscat, Sultan Qaboos Street, in the background.fancydrinksatmumtaz  Pina Colada, Mumtaz Punch and Lemon Iced Tea!IndianNaanbread  Indian bread known as “naan”.  Tasty and comes with different spices for the customers to dip it into.JoeandRachel  Joe and Rachel have been incredible friends to Che for the past 3 years.  This was our opportunity to thank them for being such great friends. SnakeCoffee  This is the Mumtaz Mahal’s famous “Snake Coffee”.  To see a a 4-minute video on how this unique creation is made, click here:

We had a great time at Mumtaz simply because of the company we shared.  The best advice we could give anyone who is thinking of going here is to go to any of the other decent, more reasonably priced Indian restaurants available in Oman at a fraction of the cost.  At least if you do go (for a special occasion such as a birthday, for example), we would recommend calling ahead and making sure that they have the cultural dancing with music going on.  You have to call anyway to make a reservation as this place is always packed!  (Tel:24605907, open Sat-Thurs: noon-2:30pm, 7-11:30pm; Fri 1-3pm, 7-11:30pm))

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15 responses to “Mumtaz Mahal – Muscat’s Most Popular and Most Expensive Indian Restaurant

  1. What you call ‘naan’ is actually papadum, crunchy deep fried with seeds and herbs. My wife pronounces the name as ‘papards’ with American-style ‘r’ sound.

    Naan is a softer bread.

  2. Right you are! We had so much food (including “naan”) and so I got things mixed up when labeling the pics. Thanks for the correction!

  3. the worst indian food ever just the location is good the service and food is pethetic

  4. mumtaz mahal is soooooooooooooo saddddddddddd


  6. Food is Awful and so is the Service… Nightmare…

  7. We went last night and did not enjoy the experience. On arrival we were asked if we had booked which we had not (Sunday eve?) so they took an on the spot the booking and were asked to give a contact number… we preferred not to (on the premise you give out on a need to know basis) but were pressed to do so.

    The table for two is small … the menus are large, that with the salt, pepper, flower in a vase, side plates, bottle of water and 4 glasses = one knocked over drink

    Poor selection of starters therefore I declined, but on arrival we had starters for two.

    We ordered a tandoori mixed grill and asked the waiter for a suggestion as to what could accompany it, eg veg, green salad etc etc. There was clearly a misunderstanding due to different language /accents as my point was not made and it was suggested I just share some of my dining partner’s.

    The curry ordered, chicken korma was bland, the bread basket was dry. The tandoori mixed grill meat was overcooked and extremely dry, unlike Tandooris that are excellent from other restaurants/take aways locally.

    The house red wine was sharp and was 4.3 OMR per glass (small).

    The waiter did not listen, talked over us and was distracted. Although very typical of the culture, after some time the music just grated on my nerves.

    I was pleased when we got up to leave.

  8. Liz and others,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  9. Gunjan Mathur

    The food at mumtaz is ordinary. You should check out Woodlands…the food, ambience and service are excellent.

    • Thanks, Gunjan.
      I’ve heard from several sources now that Woodlands is quite good. Unfortunately, it’s on the other side of town (Ruwi, right?) and I don’t get out there very often. There is also the problem of traffic in Ruwi which I try avoiding as much as possible. But thanks for the suggestion! Someday, Woodlands! Someday!

  10. As such there r many more spots now to choose from ! Woodlands is still good in a good location ! Next to it is Puranmal (sorry non veg guys not for u), but as regards to food, it is really excellent in Puranmal too.

    And not to mention, Pessage to India is ever good.

    Worth trying even Mughlai Zaika in Alkhuwair (comfortably good taste and value for money). Even non veg is good as the eaters say.

    • Ketan,
      Thanks for the reminder of all the fine restaurants. People keep telling me that I should try Woodlands. The wife and I enjoyed Passage to India quite a bit.
      Thanks for commenting. Kind regards!

  11. Please Try Arryans restaurant in Al-Falaj Hotel First floor the food and service is amazing its worth giving a try

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