A Day at the Beach

lovebirds on beachhand in hand  So nice to spend time at the beach with my love!Tracey on beach  Tracey Mackenzie, also from Canada, soaking in the rays while she chats on her cell phone!Che on beach  Beach babe! Quantab beach sceneHenry on beachboats at quantab  Qantab village che in distancefish on beach  These fish were swept unto the shore by the strong waves! Fresh fish, anyone?!fresh dead fish on beach  If you zoom in, you can see several dead fresh fish on the shore.yucky dead fish  And a not so fresh fish…sometimes it’s pretty disgusting what you can find rotting on the beach!rubbish  It’s unbelievable how much rubbish we see on some of the beaches!  What a shame that the beauty of these beaches can be tarnished by quite a few lazy people (tourists and locals).  Something for you to think about on this “Earth Day“, 2009.

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