Kalbooh Park, Muscat, Oman

kabooh park 1  Kalbooh Park, near Muttrah and Old Muscat, is another example of the beauty of Muscat Parks!Kalbooh Park view  As you can see, Kalbooh Park is just down the road from Riyam Park and the “giant incense burner”.directions  As you drive from Muttrah Souk, past Riyam roundabout on the right, you will see this sign showing the way to Kalbooh Park on the left.  (Be careful that’s a dangerous turn and cars can suddenly come flying around the corner!)Che at kalbooh park   The water is incredible here and we saw quite a few local boys swimming in the shallow area near the road.  Kalbooh Park is quite popular with the locals but not well known to tourists.  Many tour books even leave this gorgeous park out!park rules   I, myself, find it hard to “wacth children while I’m enjoying different play equipments.” :-)Kalbooh snacks  It’s highly recommended to bring a lunch and cooler with drinks to sit on the grass and enjoy this place.  If you don’t, no need to worry as they can whip you up something simple to eat here.  It is obviously no Ritz Carlton but good enough for a hungry soul!che and toys  Plenty of toys for children and the young at heart as well!Kalbooh gorgeous viewfort and trees at KalboohKalbooh sea scene  Kalbooh Park – fun for the whole family!Me and my love at KalboohAndy and Che KalboohAndy and Che at Kalbooh Park  So if you have time, it’s best to get down to Kalbooh Park before the heat gets unbearable!  You won’t be disappointed as it truly is a gorgeous spot!

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