Scenes of Omani Life Through Stained-Glass

stained glass window 1stained glass 2stained glass 3stained glass 4stained glass 5stained glass 6stained glass 7   DSCN6685  These stained-glass windows are in the CCC (Commercial City Centre) mall in Qurum, Muscat.  National scenes and symbols of Oman.  Pretty cool!

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7 responses to “Scenes of Omani Life Through Stained-Glass

  1. I proudly present that this work of art was designed by my father Mr. John who was an artist for the Art Line company about 30 yrs ago.

    • Kannika,
      My compliments to your father. A very talented man! You must be very proud. I’m glad that you found his work posted here and that you took the time to comment. Thanks.

  2. They are absolutely stunning!! A very talented man!!

  3. Andy, who are the people in the photograph on the top of your blog?

    • That would be me in the middle and those 12 gentlemen are from the MoE (Ministry of Education). They were part of an evening course that I was involved with. Due to cultural sensitivity, the female members of the class preferred not to be photographed. This group was one of the best students I’ve had in my 5 years here in Oman!

      • Very nice and I am sure that they are immensely proud to be immortalised in your blog!

        • Well, they all okayed it as long as their names weren’t there. I don’t know about immortalised though as they were simply in the header for a few weeks. Might have to do a separate blogpost on “The Joys of Teaching Elder Omanis”! ;-)

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