Daily Archives: May 13, 2009

Feeling Cool in the Pool!!! Chillin’ at the Al Falaj Swimming Pool

Falaj pool Falaj Hotel pooldivers in pool  A scuba diving instructor training someone while Che, Henry and Ansu stroll by.  Pretty cool that they have the hotel name there on the bottom of the pool.  I never noticed that until now!Tracey at the pool  Tracey Mackenzie kicking back and enjoying a book in the shadeChe at Al Falaj  I can never have enough pictures of my love! 

We had such a fabulous time at the Falaj Hotel!  They charge 2 RO (about $5 US) for use of the pool for the day which is a pretty good deal.  The swimming pool at The Al Falaj Hotel is open Saturday to Thursday, 8am-9:30pm, and Friday, 11:30am-6pm.  You could hang inside all day with the air conditioner on high to escape the heat here…or you could head to the pool!