Tokyo Taro – Muscat’s Premiere Japanese Restaurant at the Al Falaj Hotel

 tokyo taro viewtokyo taro entrance  Henry, Che, Ansu and Tracey at the entrance to Tokyo Taro which is on the 8th floor of Al Falaj Hotelchef  The chef! japanese scenemy honey at tokyo taro  Make sure you bring your camera if you come to this authentic Japanese restaurant!Saed Al Shibli  Our good friend, Saeed Al Shibli, was in town as well so he came to visit us at the restauranttracey and fishmeal 1meal2meal3  In case you were wondering what the menu is like…menu1menu2sake  If you like Japanese sake, this is the place to come!

Tokyo Taro is open for lunch Sun-Thurs 12pm-3pm and dinner 7pm-11pm.  On Fridays it’s open for dinner only 7pm-11pm.  Pretty good food here!  Oishi!!!!

2 responses to “Tokyo Taro – Muscat’s Premiere Japanese Restaurant at the Al Falaj Hotel

  1. We experienced the worst service ever at Tokyo Taro, and would like to share with everybody.

    Following Andy’s blog, we had been to Tokyo Taro quite a few times, but tonight so many things went wrong.

    First of all, after taking my order of Sashimi Bento box, the waitress came back saying that they run out of sashimi’s. Only salmon is available. So she offered to replace my Sashimi Bento with Salmon a la carte (not on the menu), which I accepted. It turned out to be nine very thin slices of salmon sashimi (nothing else) for the price RO 8.0. What a ripoff!

    After ten minutes or so, the waitress came back again informing us that the bento box my wife ordered would not have the sashimi that it should normally have, but was replaced with cooked fish. We said that we wanted sashimi, then she said that it was already cooked by the chef and could not be changed. Sashimi and cooked fish are completely different food! They changed our order without getting our consent.

    Then the Udon that I ordered came in as plain noodles, not the Japanese Udon.

    I complained to the manager (a tall Japanese guy) about the noodle and the sashimi. The manager said sorry to us, and then took the noodle away without explanation. After waiting for twenty minutes, we found out that he simply cancelled my noodle order. I was not even offered to order something else as replacement.

    So my dinner at Kyoto Taro became a half diner. As we stepped out of Tokyo Taro, we had to go to another restaurant to complete my dinner.

    Tokyo Taro does not seem to care whether you want to eat there or not.

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