Daily Archives: May 19, 2009

Omani Products: “Be Local. Buy Local.”

Omani candies  That spiral logo there on the bottom lets people know which products are Omani.  (It spells “Oman” in Arabic!)  I think it’s a nice idea to support the local folk so I thought I’d introduce some of the Omani products available here.  These “milkies candies”, pictured above, are pretty good!jabal akhdar oil  A lot of the Omani food products are connected to Jabal Akhar “Green Mountain”.other omani productomani mayo omani ketchup Chips Oman  Chips Oman! They seemed a bit “spicy” to me when I first tried them out but I have really come to enjoy these chips!jabla akhdar waterbarka eggs  Barka is about 20 minutes from Muscat and is where many of the eggs in Oman come from.not selling shark  I thought this was a very interesting sign at Carrefoure. (not related but interesting nonetheless!)

So there you have it.  A few interesting “made in Oman” products.  What are some of YOUR favorite Omani products?!