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Beautiful Merchant Houses along the Corniche, Muttrah, Oman

ancient muttrah buildings  These buildings are along what is known as “the corniche” area of Muttrah.  In case you didn’t know, corniche comes from French/Italian and means “a road built along a coast and especially along the face of a cliff“.another shot of ancient buildings  The projected wooden balconies of these whitewashed houses really give them character. corniche view  These merchants’ houses are some of the oldest residential buildings in Oman going back to the 18th century.  They look even more impressive at night with the neon lights highlighting their beauty.ancient buildings in muttrah  These buildings, near the Al Lawatiya Mosque, were built by the Lawati community who immigrated to Oman from India three centuries ago.famous building in muttrah  I really love the turquoise blue framework and window shutters on some of these buildings.oh la la ancient buildings and lightpersian carpets in muttrahbaranda walkway   This last photo is of the Baranda walkway in front of the Bait Al Baranda Museum.

These photos really don’t do justice to the true beauty of Muttrah and the entire seaside avenue of Muttrah Port.  By far, one of my favorite places in Oman-Muttrah!!!


Looking for a Cheap Hotel in Muscat, Oman?! NASEEM!

Naseem Hotel  Naseem Hotel is one of the few cheap hotels left for the budget traveler in Muscat, Oman, it seems.  The last I heard they only charge 15RO for a single and 20Ro for a double room.  It is in Muttrah along the corniche.  Great price and great location! Tel: 24712418another shot of naseem  Anyone know any other cheap hotel options for people staying in Muscat, Oman?  Qurum Beach Hotel used to be 12 RO a year ago then they moved the price up to 15, then 20 and now 25RO, I believe.  People are always asking for cheap hotels here and I wish I could help them out.  I know the Corniche just down the road from Naseem is also a good deal at a little over 20 rials.  The Marina Hotel (another hotel I stayed in when visiting from Ibri where I lived last year) is also pretty cheap at around 20 rials as well.  Are these 3 hotels in Muttrah the only cheap options in Muscat?