Intensive IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS male students  This is a photo with me and my male students on the last day of our IELTS preparation course.  IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System” and is used internationally to check students’ English levels for the sake of education and employment.  If you are interested, you can check up on it at www.ielts.orgIELTS students closeup     I must say that this had to be one of the most enjoyable classes I have ever taught here in Oman.  The students were fascinating, motivated to learn and brilliant.  Our classes were in the evenings from 5:30 to 8:30pm as most of the students work in various fields during the day.  The older gentleman in the back left corner of the photo, Nasser, drove more than an hour back and forth each day all the way from the village of Izki!!!Andy and Mohammed Sulaiman  Me and my student, Mohammed Sulaiman, who was a barrel of laughs!

To any teachers out there that are offered a chance to teach an IELTS preparation course, I’d recommend for you to jump at the chance as it was an extremely rewarding experience for me. (Although there was a LOT of preparation and marking involved…)

67 responses to “Intensive IELTS Preparation Course

  1. manickam chandra sekar

    dear sir,iam heavy duty mechanic for earth moving machines.i want to go australia for work permit.what is the procedure for go there?. you have any contact number pl send my e-mail mobilephone number; 00968928561993

  2. Manickam,
    I wish I could help you out but I don’t know a thing about the procedure for getting a work permit for Australia. Try asking on the forum at There are expats from around the globe to check that site on a daily basis and I’m sure some kind soul would be able to help you out.
    I hope it works out well for you! 🙂

  3. hi,
    am a bachelor student my IELTS exam will be in 16\Sep
    I have to get not less than 6.5 .
    can u lead me to a teacher of IELTS that could come to my house (Muscat) an teach me ?
    I prefer a Female teacher if possible
    by the way my last score was 6.0

  4. Hi, Iman!
    I wish I could help you out but I don’t know of any female teachers of IELTS that I could recommend. You might want to check with the British Council and see if they have private tutors available. You could also buy one of the more recent IELTS exams book that are out on the market to review and study before your exam on September 16th. I wish I could be of more help. Take care! I hope you get 6.5 or higher! 🙂

  5. Respected Sir,
    I am working as a Civil Engineer in the oman one reputed company. Sir could you tell me what is the procedure to get London work permit visa? Could you tell me I have a chance to go London as civil Engineer with work permit visa?

  6. Respected Sir,
    I am working as a Civil Engineer in the oman one reputed company. Sir could you tell me what is the procedure to get London work permit visa? Could you tell me I have a chance to go London as civil Engineer with work permit visa? Please Reply as soon as possible to my mail Id.

  7. Dear Arul,
    I have absolutely no idea about how one goes about getting a work permit for Britain. I think you should contact the British Embassy and ask them for advice. All the best! 🙂

  8. Dear Sir,
    im structural engineer work in muscat i have good writing speaking and vocabulary skills,but simultainously i suffered from speaking and somtimes listening,so could i take practical course with you???just for speaking and listening
    please reply as soon as possible

  9. Amir,
    I’m afraid I don’t offer any courses in IELTS. Your best bet is to check with the British Council or Hawthorne who offer help/courses in IELTS.

    • Dear Andy,

      Can you please advise me to have IELT class other than British Council, probable it may be you. I have already scored 6.5 band, but I need to have all band 7.
      I am in Muscat at present.

      Thank you


      • Nithshana,
        As far as know there are IELTs classes at the British Council, Hawthorne and Sultan Qaboos University. Those are your options. Anyone know of any others?

  10. Hi Mr.Andy
    but i didnt ask you about ielts!! what im really needed is privte course for the speaking and listening not for academic purposes ,
    I want to talk english fluently so do you have any native english friend here in muscat give that kind of courses??

  11. Amir,
    I’m sorry but I don’t offer private courses. I am plenty busy with a fulltime job and a 7 month baby boy! 🙂 I’m sure there are plenty of English native speakers around Muscat that would be more than willing to help you out. All the best with your English studies!

  12. Hi Andy,
    I am about to take IELTS(General) exam before this year ends. But its my first time and I have no idea and haven’t scale my self if I could make it or not. I want to attend review classes first. Do you know some schools here in Oman who offer training courses for IELTS? Any recommendations? Thanks…

  13. Raque,
    As far as I know, the British Council is the place to go for IELTS training/reviewing/tesing. Give them a call and I’m sure they can give you the info you need! Contact info for British Council: Telephone +968 24 681 000 Fax +968 24 681 090 E-mail All the best to you! 🙂

  14. iam dr nizwa city nizwa hospital i want ielts training in nizwa please send centre name thanks.

  15. Dr. Kumar,
    I don’t know of any IELTS training centres in Nizwa. As far as I know the only IELTS centres are in Muscat. Take care!

  16. Hi
    I wonder if your about to have a preparation course in the up coming days. As, I am planning to take the ILETS exam on April.

  17. Ghaniya,
    I don’t normally teach IELTS. This was just a special program I was fortunate to teach a year and a half ago. Best of luck on your IELTS exam in April! 🙂

  18. hi there

    Well I am a trainer with an experience of more than 10 years in IELTS can you guide me where to approach for a job?

  19. Sir
    I am an English teacher from India in Oman now.I would like to work as a tutor at your centre.I have over 7 years of experience teaching IELTS and Spoken English Classes.If you have any openings at the moment for teachers email me at with your contact info.
    Arun Anand
    Al Wadi Al Kabir

  20. Yamini & Arun,
    I am not connected with any IELTS training course or centre. I simply taught an IELTS preparation class once (quite some time ago now!). Best of luck finding employment! 🙂

  21. Dear sir, I am Sumesh Kurup from India. I got a job offer from an Oman company as an electrical draftsman. I have sent my medical reports one month before and expecting to leave to Oman within one month.I may posted in Muscat or Salalah. I have a plan to apply for permanent residence ship in Canada after reaching Oman. For the eligibility i need to score at least 7.5 band in the listening and 6.5 bands for all the other three sections. I have read all your answers for the inquiries in different matters. Each and everyone was honest and sincere. So I would like to learn English from you if you are still taking I.E.L.T.S classes and your center is in Muscat or Salalah. “” is my e-mail id.So please send me your address and phone numbers to my e-mail id, because i coincidentally get into your site. If it is possible i would like to learn French also because it will help me to earn more points for Canadian Migration and equip me to easily establish in Canada.

  22. Sumesh,
    I don’t do private classes, in English or French. I hope you enjoy your job here in Oman as an electrical draftsman. Just a warning: Canada is not “the great land of opportunity” that many think it is!

  23. sandeep mohapatra

    iam working as a sales engineer. i am little bit weak in spoken english. i want to develop the same so that it will be better me.can u guide me.


  24. Sandeep,
    I have a full-time job and am quite busy, but I have a friend in the Ruwi area who might be able to help you out if you’re interested. Send me an email at Kind regards!

  25. Dear Andy,

    Are you currently in Oman? Do you have any private tutor for IELTS? Kindly furnish with the contact details. Merlyn

  26. Mukhtar Al Kindi

    Dear Andy;

    Are you still doing IELTS exam preperation course.

    • Mukhtar,
      No, I’m not. That was quite a long time ago. But I do have a friend who is experienced in IELTS preparation and sometimes I connect people with her.

  27. dear Mr. andy,
    i need to improve my English written ability and spoken English. please inform me regarding spoken English class.


  28. Hello,

    I am here by interested to attend classes for IELTS academic, I need 7.
    in each module of Academic ielts. I am 300Km away from Muscat.What are the option I have.
    kindly reply

  29. Chandra,
    Depends on where you are. Where exactly do you live? There might be an IELTS centre or a language centre than offers IELTS training of some type in your area. Maybe you can sign up for an IELTS course in Muscat on the weekends. (?)

  30. hello Andy

    I am in Buraimi, i have scored earlier average 7.5,Unfortunately I need 7 in each module. every time ,I am scoring less than 7 either in reading or writing.I want to improve my wirting and reading skills.Is there any person or centres around Buraimi.kindly let me know.

    with regards

  31. Chandra,
    You might want to check with Al Buraimi University. 2 years ago, they signed an agreement with ESL services centre ( to help provide IELTS testing/training. (Read about it here: Best of luck! Keep me posted.

  32. Hey Andy,
    How can i get Cambridge II ielts book? thanks. 🙂

  33. hi sair
    i am from salalh
    i w ask if you know any IELTS teacher for private courses

  34. Sulal,
    Sorry but I don’t know any IELTS teachers for private courses in Salalah.

    • hello Andy,

      i asked you before about if you know any IELTS teacher for private course in Muscat i forget to mention it in privias massage
      I main i am from Salalh but i went to do that course in Muscat

  35. do u have any coaching centre in salaha? Please give reply as soon as possible

    • Personlly, no I don’t have any coaching centre in Salalah! 😉 I’ve asked around but there seems to be little or nothing for IELTS training down in Salalah. You can always find out about centres and resources online at Good luck!

  36. Pl give contact num n address
    Mine is 98081526


  38. hello Mr.Andy
    I am in Salalah. I would like to apply for IELTS. Can i apply in Salalah itself or do i have to come to Muscat to apply. Please tell me the procedure.
    Thank U

    • No need to go to Muscat.Just directly deposit money to British council account and then attacha copy of it along with ur filled application and courier it British council. Muscat

  39. no need to go to muscat. Down load Ielts application and u can pay money directly to British council account and then send a copy of money deposit with application to British council muscat.


  40. please provide the contact details to contact you with regard to IELTS test preparation. If you are not taking any classes, then direct any person in muscat who is guiding in ielts test preparation. thanks.suchithra

  41. Hello Andy,
    I do take private lessons for IELTS at my place.I am residing in Madinat Qaboos.So if anybody requires lessons kindly refer.


  42. I want an ILETS teacher!! Do You provide private lessons? Please call me if You can in 99717912

    • Mohammed,
      Notice Teena’s comment just above yours. She takes private lessons if you’re interested. I am far too busy to do any private lessons and I don’t think it’s even legal anyway as I’m in full employment under my sponsor. Good luck in getting an IELTS teacher and preparing for the exam!

  43. Hello Andy,
    I do take private lessons for IELTS at my place.I am residing in Madinat Qaboos.So if anybody requires lessons kindly refer.


  44. Dear Andy,

    Could yo please guide me pertaining to the study material required for IELTS prep Test (General) . I need to know that which book i can purchase and from where i can get it?
    I am applying for immigration so require IELTS (General test for it).

    Will appreciate if you could help me out in this regard.

    Best Regards


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    start to end.

  46. Dear sir,
    I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife,she would like to join an ielts preparation course. As we are staying in muscat,it is better for us to find a centre which is nearby .Please may I know the location of your centre.waiting for your reply.


  47. hi sir ,my name is a working as a staff nurse in al raffah hospital.oman.i would like to learn IELTS part time.would you pls tell me the details..

  48. I teach IELTS courses in Muscat @ MBD,Ruwi.Please get in touch with me at 96769456 for more details.

  49. Dear sir

    Currently i am working In Oman
    I want to start IELT’S EXAM PREPRATIONS

    I need 7bands in each module.

    You have branch in.nizwa??
    I also sent you mail
    Kindly reply me there your coaching centre if nizwa.


  50. Dear sir.

    Have you any training facility for ieltes in Salalah

  51. Dear Sir,
    I am an electrical technician and have been working as a maintenance electrician at Sulthan Qaboos university since last December 2015.I want to attend an ielts course but I don’t know how to get an inform, if you don’t mind could you please help me.I have written my mobile number below.


    I am a accountant and need a ILETS tutor in Ruwi Muscat. Can you please advise if any name & contact no. who take tutions for ILETS in Ruwi.

  53. Hi
    sir I am Nijam resistance of Oman.i need to practice English. Can you helpe me.
    and training of Ielts. I want exam of Ielts.
    contact 94020732

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