Bimmah Sinkhole

Hawiyat Najm Park  This is a new sign and I believe a new park since my wife and I drove the Muscat-Sur road some 8 months ago.  The “Bimmah Sinkhole” is located 6 kms after Dibab village and is not to be confused with “Bammah” village which is about 20 kms further.  “Hawiyat Najm Park” or “Sinkhole Park” is quite impressive.  We skipped it last time but we are very happy that we decided to check it out this time!Bimmah sinkhole long climb  The water was such a vibrant green! Chilin joked that it looked like a giant WC (toilet) because of that color which resembles a toilet bowl cleaner.  Apparently, the green and blue colors are a result of the saltly sea water meeting with fresh water.  This sinkhole is about 500 meters inland and is 40 meters wide and 20 meters deep.  The sinkhole is said to connect all the way to the ocean.Che at Bimmah sinkhole  My beautiful wife at the top of the sinkholeDSCN9409  Yours truly enjoying the view from aboveBimmah stairs  It’s a LONG way down! Are those ants near the tree?!  🙂gorgeous water  Those concrete steps are bigger than they look and you really do have to be careful when walking up and down.fishies chewing mabels toes  If you look real hard, you can see tiny fish that love to nibble peoples’ toes!  It’s quite therapeutic!my beauty  My wife seems to get more beautiful with each passing day!Chilin snapping pics  Mr. Chilin Tang taking a few pics with his incredible cameraMabel at Bimmah  Mabel Seow really seemed to enjoy soaking her feet in the sinkhole.the beauty of friendship  A Kodak moment at the Bimmah sinkhole, ha!ha!Chilin and Mabellife is so goodBimmah view  Notice the French family taking a dip in the sinkhole.  I would definitely recommend bringing your bathing suit if you get a chance to make it out there. There are toilets/change-rooms at the entrance to the park!Bimmah flowers  Geologists say that this interesting site was created when limestone collapsed but the locals say that a piece of the moon fell to the earth and made this hole.    Here’s an interesting satellite view.Mabel and Chesinkhole with mountain in backgroundOmanis at Bimmah  These local Omani boys took a break from the Ramadan heat to snap a few pics of one another in the sinkhole on their cellphones.  If you live in Muscat and plan a trip to Sur, don’t pass this place by!  We loved it!   (In the past, you needed a 4X4 to get here but this is no longer necessary due to the wonderful new highway!)


25 responses to “Bimmah Sinkhole

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  2. Whatever you do DON’T jump from the ledge into the water ! It’s 20m and that’s too high to hit the water safely – I still have the back pain to prove it !

  3. @Blewyn,
    Thanks for the advice. You’re probably one of only a few crazy enough to do it! 🙂

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  5. I went here yesterday, and then to Wadi Shab. Your blog came up in a google search about it. Amazing place.

    • Daniel,
      It really is an amazing place and a must see for any visitor here in the Sultanate! Nice to know my blog came up in the blog search! 2 and a half years later and “Bimmah Sinkhole” continues to be one of the most viewed posts on this blog! 🙂

  6. Kerry-Lynn Bouman

    Taking my grade 8 class there this week, been about 3 times, well worth the visit, very, very deep and a little scary swimming across if you believe in ancient marine behemoths!! English teacher (South African)
    International School of Oman

  7. Hi, Kerry-Lynn,
    Hope you have a great time there with your students. The Bimmah sinkhole is one place I could never get tired of! 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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  9. That first pic showing the staircase up is breathtaking. When I read “sinkhole” in the title, I certainly didn’t expect something so beautiful.

    • It’s even more beautiful with the naked eye! Thanks for commenting! Your comment somehow “slipped through the cracks” and I’m only reading it now 6 months later!

  10. Wow, that’s amazing.

  11. Just wondering, is it safe to camp overnight there? me and my friends are planning to.

    • Darwin,
      I’m not sure you’d be allowed to camp overnight as it is a national park and there is a guard and a fence there. I’m sure you could camp somewhere in the nearby area though. A lot of expats camp out at Finns beach which is not far from there.

  12. It used to be so hard to find, and now there is black-top and a sign!
    I didn’t brave it myself but my buddies dived 60m into the cave (1998) to the chamber which is Aparently massive. Crystal clear viz with the feeling of weightlessness hanging in underwaterspace. There is a plaque left there by the PDO fellas saying “here be dragons”. You have to pass through a layer of yellow gunk which is a few meters think and only for the brave. Take a line to navigate back (and a back-up torch).

  13. this place is super cool. we went there last Sunday. had picnic under the tree. the kids enjoyed it. the stairs now has railing.

    • Mala,
      Nice to hear you and the family enjoyed the sinkhole! Thanks so much for the update about the railing. That’s great!

  14. If only I had looked up your blog earlier today Andy 😦 I got totally lost at that same T-junction you mentioned. Gutted I didn’t get to see the sink hole yet again but I did see a couple of camels on my de-tour so it wasn’t completely wasted.

  15. Yesterday I visited the place and witnessed a clash between local Arabs and European ladies regarding two piece dress…

  16. Bimmah Sinkhole is really one of natures greatest Masterpiece… or of Aliens???hahah Hope I can jump there the next time i visit the place.:)

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