Oman Dive Center

Oman Dive Center      If you love snorkelling or scuba-diving, this is the place for you!  Located out of town between Bandar Beach and Al Bustan Palace and the Shangri-La, the area is gorgeous.  In fact, it’s one place that I frequently take people out to see due to the incredible views.dive areas  This a nice dive-site map found at the Dive Center giving you an idea of what the coast is like near Muscat.mountains around dive center  Check out those cute Barasti (traditional Omani) style huts (35 available) situated on the beach at the Center.  Instead of getting a hotel somewhere else and making the trip everyday for diving, I strongly suggest those coming to Oman to rent a place here if you want to get a scuba-diving license.muscat seaside  Check out the informative Oman Dive Center website at .  They have info in English, German, Italian and French! (as well as other languages)rock and sea  They have a restaurant (named “Odyssey”) at the center and a bar (open noon-11:30pm) which is known as the best beach bar in Muscat.cliffs along muscat's sea  One thing to warn you about if you come out simply to hang out at the Center: they charge you for parking unless you are there for only 20 minutes or less.clear water near muscat  Just look at the color of that water!!!  Be sure to check out their website and consider the scuba-diving courses if you’re working/living here in Oman.

*Update Nov. 29, 2011*: Read this latest post about problems at the Oman Dive Center.

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3 responses to “Oman Dive Center

  1. I came across your site while looking for something else. Was feeling a little low today, and the more I read and enjoyed your photos, the bigger the smile on my face. When I got to where you were praising God, I realized what a blessing your site must be for other stangers too. Thank you for sharing.
    Yours in Christ

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for the good information about the oman diving center.
    I will arrive in oman october 16 for a week of diving at the odc and with your store even more looking forward

    Reinier, the netherlands

  3. Dear Laura,
    I’m glad that you could be encouraged/uplifted by this simple blog. Glad to be of service! Blessings!

    I’m sure you’ll have a blast while you’re here in the sultanate. Enjoy and thanks for the comment!

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