The Fishing Village of Quriyat

Al Sabra Fort in Quriyatflowers and fortacross the baybird at quriyatherman at Quriyatomanis in shade  Some older men of Quriyat enjoying the shadeseeking shade  Even the sheep of Quriyat were doing what they could to escape the heat!anchor at quriyat     Quriyat goes far back into Omani history as a vital sea port.  It is well known for its stocks of kingfish and tuna.  A large number of its inhabitants still earn their livelihood from fishing.  This picturesque village also makes an excellent rest stop on the new Muscat-Sur highway.  A few vids for you to enjoy the essence of Quriyat: vid 1, vid 2.

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10 responses to “The Fishing Village of Quriyat

  1. Hi there Andy! Its me again, Darwin. If you can remember on one of your blog, I’ve been planning on going shore fishing and overnight beach camping with my friends for this holiday, would like to get some input if its a good idea trying it out in this place. Thanks and cheers to your blog!

  2. Hi, Darwin!
    Yes, I do remember you from asking about camping at the Bimmah Sinkhole ages ago. Did you end up camping there? If so, how was it? My wife just told me to let you know that she knows several people who camp in Quriyat and the Quriyat area quite regularly. It’s a fishing village, so the fishing must be pretty good there! I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Be safe! Cheers! :-)

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  4. Hi Andy, Darwin here again. It took me ages to reply to you. Well, sadly there was a change of plan that time and we did not camp at Bimmah (Sinkhole), coz I got some info from my Indian friends that security there won’t allow people to camp in that place, I don’t know how true is that, anyways, as for fishing we end up going to Al Ashkharah ( if I spelled out that correctly), The beach there has strong waves good for surfing not for fishing, good thing there is a fishing port where we did our fishing.

    This coming holiday we might try going to this white sand beach on one of your post (between Quriyat and Sur) I hope its possible and safe to camp there. Regards!

  5. Hi All,

    I am usually visiting a place near to Sink Hole park after Quriyat for fishing and there are so many good spots. Last week i was there for fishing and got some fish (the bigger one is for 1 kg) within the time span of 1-2 hours.
    I am planning again to go there this weekend for whole night…and hopefully will be hunting for the big one….
    The fishing spots are on the road back side of Quriyat Sink Hole Park. You can ask any one regarding the fishing spots.


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