Quriyat Fort

fort and treasure box  This fort is located in the middle of Quriyat which is about an hour from Muscat along the coastal Sur highway.  We only found it by getting lost on the way to the ocean side fort.  Little is posted or written about this fort as most people incorrectly tend to call the small fort on the ocean “Quriyat Fort”.fort entranceancient potteryinside fort roomfort screen doorcoffee potsto any length fort kitchen sign  The fort has a store room, children(s) bedroom, kitchen and master bedroom.  Each room has old artifacts from what would have been in such rooms some 250 years ago.fort hallwayancient babys room items  A quick look at the childrens roomancient water jug  This picture of this piece of pottery is just a reminder that they obviously didn’t have refrigerators back then.  In order to cool beverages, they would place them in such pieces of pottery and hang them on the walls.fort and flagwell from roof  Looking down on the well from the roof of the fortfort rooftop  That’s my new friend, Harmen, from Holland, in the corner of the roof there.harmen behind roof door  Peekaboo! Displaying the rooftop door leading down to the groundfloorindian fort watchtower  The Indian “watchman” who collects the entrance fee for the fort (500 baisas) and tries to persuade tourists to sign the guestbook.fort and treestree framed flag  This last photo was taken by Harmen with his camera but it was so good I just had to steal it, ha!ha! 

Overall, it was quite an interesting visit to Quriyat Fort to get an idea of how Omanis lived about 250 years ago!


3 responses to “Quriyat Fort

  1. Hi there. Your photographs are beautiful! I came across the one of the doorway to the fort in Quriyat, and thought it would be perfect in an ad I’m putting together to promote social policy research in the Arabian Gulf, on behalf of the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation (see http://www.alqasimifoundation.com). The ad will be printed in the Comparative and International Education Society Convention which will be held in Chicago this year, in the first week of March 2010. I would be happy to cite you if you would give me permission to use the photograph.
    I look forward to your response.

  2. Salam!

    Thanks for the compliments regarding the photos. Like my brother once said, “I take no credit. God gets all the glory. I simply took a picture of his creation!”

    Please feel free to use the photograph. There really is no need to cite me or give me credit for that photo.

    By the way, very nice website you have there. As an English teacher, I really liked the following quotes from your website:
    “We recognize that we in RAK are only as good as the schools we have and without good schools we cannot realise our dreams or take hold of our future.”
    “We need to encourage excellence in our schools now more than ever, as the Arab world is still yet to reach its capacity and is yet to realise its dreams.”
    “If we in the Arab world are ever to be more than just consumers , then we need to embrace innovation and discovery as never before.”
    “It is my hope and that of the government of RAK that we will be able to have the highest quality teachers and as a result the highest quality schools”

    I found your website very inviting and informative and I enjoyed reading up on Ras Al Khaimah. Hopefully, God willing, I might get the chance to visit there someday.
    May God bless your foundation and you personally!

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