The Incredible Beach at the Coastal Village of Finns/Fins

Finns  Another small village on the Muscat Sur highway.  The beach along the coast is by far the most beautiful I’ve seen in Oman.Finns incredible beach  Just look at that water!  What color!seagull relaxing  Harmen took this wonderful shot of a seagull floating on the water.greeting party  These were the only inhabitants of Fins that we encountered on our quick trip there (on the way to Wadi Shab).  Here is a video to give you an idea of just how awesome this beach is:   IF you do get the chance to come to Fins (the village), make sure to bring some fins (aka “flippers”) and your swimsuit as the water is out of this world!


9 responses to “The Incredible Beach at the Coastal Village of Finns/Fins

  1. could u tell me the lpcation [;z? is this afyer bimmah sink hole? it looks splendid!!!

    • newriya,
      Yes, that’s the location! After Bimmah sinkhole! That whole area (between Quriyat and Sur) is splendid when it comes to beaches! 🙂

  2. oopsy….sorry for the typing mistake!! location plz??

  3. Fins was such a great unexpected find on the Coastal road from Sur. The waves crashing up the rocks and the little jumping fish that sit there were fascinating to watch – a must visit. Dk

    • Daren,
      Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving a comment. I totally agree that Fins is a must visit. Gorgeous, relaxing spot!

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  5. The find beaches are also called pebbles beach..especially at the Wadi Shab area

  6. Andy. I am planning to camp overnight in Fins this Eid holiday. Any advice?

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