White-Sand Beach of Oman

white sand beach  On the Muscat-Sur Highway, between Quriyat and Sur, is the most popular white-sand beach in Oman.  It is just 5 kilometers past Fins.  The snorkelling here is said to be incredible due to its aquamarine waters.signs  Pic sent in and added to post by a reader (Arjun) in March of 2013:IMG-20130309-00079


16 responses to “White-Sand Beach of Oman

  1. a many time viisitor to quriyat beaches find it astonmishing and wonderful place to visit and enjoy the gifts of nature not yet spoiled by cruel hands of commercialisation.

  2. I totally agree, Anis! 🙂

  3. Shanthi Mohan


    All your write-ups in this blogs were quite interesting to read and the photographs were very attractive to the eyes. Incidentally, I was doing some search on Tourism in Oman and found some of the photographs of yours were very apt for the search. I work for an advertising agency as a on-line research associate in Mumbai, India. I would like to know, with your permission, can we use some of your photographs taken in Oman for making some creatives. Awaiting your earnest and earliest reply. With warm regards, Shanthi Mohan.

  4. Hi Shanthi,
    Thanks for the kind words! Of course you may use some of my photographs for your advertising agency, just give credit if it’s possible. God bless you and your work in Mumbia!

  5. wow!!! incredible!! once again, exaact location plz???

    • newriya,
      Couldn’t get any more exact than “5 kms past the village of Finns”. 🙂 It’s on the Quriyat-Sur highway on the way to Wadi Tiwi.

  6. This looks fabulous! Is this anywhere near the Bimmah Sinkhole?

    • Priyam,
      It is a fabulous spot! Yes, it is near the Bimmah sinkhole. I believe it’s no more than 20 or 30 minutes away from there.

  7. what are the facilities available here??

    • The facilities available here are the facilities you bring with you! This is more of a camping site so you need to bring everything you might need along with you.

  8. Hi Andy on our way to White Beach, with dog Oscar and sister from London in tow. The last time, 18 months ago there was an awful ‘fly plague’, hope it is not back!

    • Kerry,
      Hope you have a great time with your sister and Oscar! 🙂 And I sure hope you don’t have any fly problems this time!

  9. Andy, On our way to the white beach. Looking forward to it… tents, bags, etc. all packed and ready to go. Wife and I are both so excited we can hardly concentrate on work!

    • Arjun,
      I hope you guys had a fabulous time!

      • Andy, It was absolutely breath-taking!!! Still can’t get over what a wonderful time we had. We camped the night in the valley, and were very careul to carry our garbage back with us once we left. It was sad to see that litter-bugs are the new species in the canyon.

        If you are camping the night, be sure to note that tents can be setup by using rocks as weights. The pegs will not hold in the gravel. Also, there are small bites all over our bodies, but not at all painful, they just itch a bit and we wear them proud as evidence of our night under the stars in Oman.

        Mailing you a picture which we took during the day. Sadly, we did not have a waterproof camera to take pics in the last wadi which is simply stunning beyond belief.

        Lost my wedding ring in the water!!!!!!!!, but it was so clear and calm once everyone else had left, that I actually found it again… then mustered up the courage to narrate the story to my wife of why I was standing like a pelican in one spot for a good 5 minutes. 🙂

        • Arjun,
          Glad you and the wife had such a fabulous time! Thanks for the informative comment. I hope it helps someone who might chance upon this. Thanks for the pic. As soon as I finish replying here, I’ll add it to the post. Beautiful shot! Funny story about the ring. Glad you found it. Brought back memories of when I lost my ring while washing my hands at work and had to have one of the cleaners come and unscrew the pipe to retrieve it, haha! 😉 Kind regards.

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