Wadi Shab – Not too “shabby”!

wadi shab beginningwadi shab signboats at wadi shab  These clever gents from Tiwi have made quite a business for themselves.  They transport families across the river here from the parking area to the walkable side of the valley.all aboardwaters of wadi shab  Many tourist websites include this wadi on the the top ten list of must-sees in Oman (and with good reason)!beautiful birdbird closeup  This awesome close-up was taken by Harmen (www.harmeninoman.blogspot.com ) on his camera.mountains and palmcliffswadi shab scenerywadi pools  There are many incredible pools to swim in at Wadi Shab!wadi waterpeople in wadi water

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5 responses to “Wadi Shab – Not too “shabby”!

  1. wow!!
    so great! you bought your camera?
    your technic is nice also^^

    hows ur baby n wife? u know what?
    when i come here that make me smile.

    i wish take care in God^^
    from min yeong, kim.

  2. Annyung Haseyo, Min-Yeong!
    It’s always great to hear from you. About the camera-yes, it’s a new camera. (12.1 megapixels!)
    Che is doing well and the baby as well, thank God! And thanks for asking.
    Glad to know my pics made you smile! :-)
    I pray that all is well with you. Keep me updated with you latest news. I hope that we’ll be able to meet again someday…It would be nice to have a “Shin-Ae Won reunion” someday! :-)

  3. hi there, my name is sana and i secretly follow your blog ;) hehe actually im new in oman and your blog has helped me find things of my interest. i am very grateful to you for that.
    i just wanted to ask if a visit to wadi shab is a good idea with young kids or not? i have two daughters, one is 4 and the other is almost 2. do you think i should venture a try or not? please let me know cause i realy want to attend the redbull cliff diving competition which is due to take place in wadi shab tomorrow morning, i shall be waiting for your reply. thankyou!
    sana haider

    • Hi, Sana! Welcome to the Sultanate! Great question about the kids. I wondered the same thing as I have a 2 and a half year old son and 5 and a half year old daughter. I asked one of the Red Bull organizers and she didn’t think it’d be a good idea to bring wee little ones in such a hot, rugged place for hours on end. It has the potential to get up to 45 degrees celsius tomorrow. If it’s possible, maybe you could have someone babysit and head down for a few hours. The best situation is to have a spouse (or family member/friend/babysitter) who doesn’t mind watching the kids for a few hours while you head down to Wadi Shab! ;-)

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