Al Qurum Natural Park

entrance to qurum park  The entrance to Qurum Natural Park on Qurum street on the way to Crowne Plaza.  It’s strange that there doesn’t seem to be a clear English sign at the entrance of such an important site.back towards main entrance  Qurum Natural Park (also sometimes called “Qurum National Park“) is the largest park in Oman with more than 1,715,000 square meters of greenery and beauty.che at qurum  Speaking of beauty, this has to be the most beautiful sight in Oman and the desire of my eyes!park scene  It was a real treat walking around this incredible park.  After 2 years in Oman, I can’t believe I waited this long to visit this gorgeous area!relaxing in qurumkids area  A great place to bring the kids if you’re in Muscat with family.qurum fountain  Fountains, plenty of palm trees, birds singing, lots of benches and thick, green grass to have a picnic on make Qu’rum Park a very popular place for families on the weekends.great rest areachildrens play areasunset at qurummunicipality emblemnice toilets  Even the toilets are gorgeous at Al Qurum!  🙂  Interesting architecture, no? beautiful scene qurum park  With plenty to see and do, Qurum National Park should not be overlooked on any tourist trip to Muscat!  Come and check it out.  You won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Amazing pic dear andy

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