Al Naseem Public Park, Barka, Oman

  This park, also known as Naseem Gardens, is about a 20 minute drive (30 kms) from the Muscat International Airport, on the right hand side of the road, driving towards Sohar.  Al Naseem Park was the 1st park established in Oman.  It was first opened to the public during the 15th National Day in 1985.  The park is spread over 750,000 square meters.  There used to be a train that could carry up to 70 passengers but the train no longer runs.  The park itself seemed like it could be much better if it were more properly maintained.  Nice looking pond! But I read about a sad scene that happened here 7 years ago:  In 2000, this small Japanese Garden was added to the Al Naseem Public Park . Built by the Japanese embassy in Muscat, the park was constructed to commemorate the good relationship that these two countries shared.  Al Naseem Park is pleasant enough but I’m not sure if it’s really worth the trip out from Muscat.  It is, however, a nice place to check out while driving through to different destinations.  Popular as a local family picnic site and a spot for Omani boys to practice their football skills, Al Naseem remains a landmark in the Wilayat (district) of Barka.


5 responses to “Al Naseem Public Park, Barka, Oman

  1. nice pictures. never knew oman was so beautiful! definitely need to have a trip while i am living just across the border

  2. Thanks, ilya!
    Nice blog you have there! I, too, definitely need to have a trip across the border (to the UAE in my case) while I’m living here. Cheers!

  3. Hi Andy

    Can you be a little more specific with the location please? I’ve scoured google earth and can’t find this place anywhere. I went there in 1987 when I lived at MAM camp but it’s got me stumped now!

  4. James,
    It’s about 30 kms from Muscat International Airport. It’s easy enough to find. It’s located on the Sultan Qaboos Highway between Muscat and Sohar. As you get close to Naseem Park, you will notice signs (in Arabic and English) telling you that you that the park is located to the right of the highway. If you arrive at Barka, you have gone too far and have missed the park. I hope these directions help you out. I’ve searched for Naseem Park as well and I’m surprised that it’s not on google earth or google maps! All the best!

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