Chinese Garden (Family) Restaurant, Al Khuwair, Muscat

  Chinese Garden: The Family Restaurant is located in Al-Khuwair in the Ice Skating Rink building (Yes, they have an ice-skating rink in Oman if you didn’t know!)  Welcome! Welcome!  We used a visit from my old friend, Saeed al-Shabli, as a good excuse to try out a new restaurant (for us).  Did we ever order up a storm!  Here are the dishes we pigged out on:  Sweet Corn Chicken Soup  Wanton Vegetable Soup  Beef with Mushroom & Bamboo Shoots  Vegetable fried rice  Garden Special Fried Chicken  Fried Spring Chicken  Sweet & Sour Prawns  Shanghai Beansprouts  If you’re looking for a pretty decent Chinese restaurant in the Al-Khuwair area, give Chinese Garden a try.  We couldn’t believe that the complete order (with huge “doggie bags”!) only cost 20 Omani rials (including tip)!  Tel: 24489414

13 responses to “Chinese Garden (Family) Restaurant, Al Khuwair, Muscat

  1. When we where still in Oman. My family used to eat in Chinese Garden Restaurant Oman. We really love the food, its the best you will never forget the taste of their Chinese food. Until now i still crave for their food. But sadly I’m back home in the Philippines.

    • Aldrine,
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting. My wife also loves the food at Chinese Garden Restaurant! 🙂 I hope all is well with you in the Philippines. Salamat!

  2. Hey Andy,
    I want to work in Chinese Garden Restaurant, I mean as one of their cooks. If you have time can you find out for me if they have vacancy for a cook position or asst. cook? And How much is the salary. Just curious my friend please. I’ll wait for your reply

  3. Anon,
    I called the Chinese Garden Restaurant for you and they say they could always use another cook. It’s 120 omani rials per month with visa, medical and everything included. The manager said to email him your resume at: Hope that helps you out! 🙂

  4. man! This place has been there for ever . It’s one of the first restaurants I remember eating out at ….. Ever ,from waaay back before the turn of the century 😛 . They have brilliant food and the curtains on the wall adjoining the rink conceal two doors ,so when we were kids ,we used to order and then stand around the rink till we had to go back in 😀

  5. hello again Andy! I can’t help but comment on the salary of a cook at the C. Garden.. are you really sure it’s 120 omani rials per month?

    • That’s what the man on the phone told me. You can always email them at the address given and ask if that’s negotiable. Of course if you’re Omani, they can’t pay less than 200 rials as that’s the minimum wage for Omanis. (Minimum wage is only something like 60 rials a month for non-Omanis…)

  6. Thax for the information andy 🙂

  7. Hi, Andy thank you for recommending these two Chinese food restaurant.But to tell you the truth the food there is really not too much like Chinese food,Maybe they can’t get the seasoning from China ,you know the seasoning is really important.Besides the cookers of these restaurants are all Indian.And the Chinese food in Chinese Garden taste a little bit like Indian may wonder why I think so ,then I am going to tell you that I am a Chinese.ha-ha,And I am also a Christian.I am going to Sohar ,do you know how can I get touch with the local Church ,Thank you very much,God bless you!上帝祝福你!Here’s my email address

    • Hi, Caleb!
      I’m not about to question a Chinese man’s tastebuds when it comes to Chinese food, haha!
      You can get in touch with the local church in Sohar by contacting one of the PCO (Protestant Church in Oman) pastors at Blessings! Hope you find a Chinese restaurant that does it for you! 🙂

  8. Been regulars there from 1990 to 1999. Our kids loved it. I am nostalgic with fond memories of oman. Hey, I worked in Ibri too, probably before you came there. I left in 1998.

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