The Tropicana Buffet at Crowne Plaza, Muscat

  It’s pretty cool how the Crowne Plaza is shaped like a boat, but you have to see it from the right angle to notice that.  The beaches around the Crowne Plaza in Qurum are some of the most beautiful in Muscat!  The brunch buffet at Tropicana is only 13 rials per person (+17% tax).  Not bad for a great meal at a 5-star hotel!  Nice pool.  Out of curiosity, I asked how much it costs for non-guests to use the pool for the day.  10 rials! That’s steep! (Only 2 rials at the Al Falaj and normally 5 rials at other popular hotels)  There were certainly no complaints about the food! Awesome buffet!  It’s always nice to have lunch with the wife and sister-in-law!  Artwork found in the Crowne Plaza main lounge  Che and Marites with the pool and Qurum beach in the background  I’m not into bars (anymore, thank God!) but this is definitely a great place to enjoy a beer or glass of wine in the late evenings!  This section of the Crowne Plaza is known as “The Edge”.  It is a lovely, romantic spot in the evenings.  Seating is limited though so reservations are recommended!  It was in this spot that my honey and I had our first few dates some 2 years ago.  Ahh, the memories!  :-)

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5 responses to “The Tropicana Buffet at Crowne Plaza, Muscat

  1. Hi Andy.

    Great blog, I’ve been a silent follower for a while.

    We tried the Thai restaurant above Mirchi out after your post – the food/service was great and the crazy McDonalds drivers/parkers made for great entertainment out of the window.

    Question: Which other hotels do you know that allow people to pay and use the pool for the day? Does the Intercontinental or any other ‘5 star’ hotel? We asked at the Hyatt and were given the membership forms – $$$$ expensive!


  2. Hi, Slim!

    Thanks for the comment. Good to hear that at least one of my posts helped someone out. That’s the idea.
    About hotel pools, I believe they all allow people to pay and use the pool for the day. The question is at what price. The cheapest I know are the Falaj (2 RO) and Holiday Inn (2 RO also, I believe). Most others run about 5 RO for pool use for the day and like I wrote on the Crowne Plaza post, I was quite surprised that they charge 10 rials!

    Membership fees for all the hotels seem quite expensive. I wouldn’t consider joining unless I lived right across the street from one!

    All the best to you and yours!

  3. Thanks Andy.

    We went to Tomato on Weds and I noticed that the Intercontinental charge 10 OMR for a day guest to their Olympic Club. I’m not not sure if this requires you to be a member (I will ask next time). There are certainly more pool roaming options and things to do there than the Crowne Plaza.

  4. Trefor,
    One year later and I noticed that I never responded to this comment! Sorry! There certainly are more options than the Crowne Plaza pool. That’s why I don’t understand how they can get away with charging 10 rials for the pool! Why would one pay such a rate if they know there are pools charging 50% or even 20% of that price?

  5. Paldies par interesantu informaciju

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