Dunkin’ Donuts in Oman! 24 Hours a Day!

Dunkin’ Donuts in Oman is nothing new.  In fact, they’ve had Dunkin’ Donuts here since June of 2008.  They even have 2 branches that are open 24 hours(7 days/week)!! The two 24-hour shops are in Ghala at the Oman Oil petrol station near the Royal Hospital and one in the departures building at Muscat International Airport.  It’s great to be able to pick up a dozen donuts every now and then!  This is the friendly Omani lady who works at the Ghala branch of DD.  It’s a small branch so sometimes the person in the back of line has to wait awhile while someone tries figuring what flavors to get.  Reminded me of this funny “Donut Lady video clip” I saw on youtube.  These are the donuts we picked up the other day.  Check out the donut with the “Omani colors” on it.  It’s the flavor of the week but the lady there told us it’s been the “flavor of the week” for the past 3 months!  These are new menu boards.  The old ones had a “bible-like verse” on it that read, “Man does not live on coffee alone“.  Sound familar?  It was a play off of Matthew 4:4 and Luke 4:4 when Jesus says, “Man does not live on bread alone but on every word which proceeds from the mouth of God.”    Khaled El Dalaty, Operations Manager for Dunkin’ Donuts in Oman, has said (from this article), “If the 24 hour service proves as popular as we believe, we will consider opening more outlets around the capital for these extended hours.”  MMmmm…Donuts!  http://www.dunkindonutsoman.com/locations.htm


3 responses to “Dunkin’ Donuts in Oman! 24 Hours a Day!

  1. I am interested to start a small restaurent of Dunkin Doughnuts. Please let me know how to proceed !!

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