Ferry Ride to Masirah Island

  Looking back at Shannah seaport.  Boy was that water ever gorgeous! And I really love the “milk trail” the ferry leaves behind!  Ahoy! Land ahead!  It takes about an hour for the ferry to reach Masirah.  Seagulls are everywhere at the harbour on Masirah island.  I came to learn that seagull in Arabic is “Nawras“. (Nawras is the internet company that I’m hooked up to.) You learn something new everyday!  Captain Mahoon has been working ships for 18 years!  I love these scenes of Masirah Harbour through the port holes on our ferry.


2 responses to “Ferry Ride to Masirah Island

  1. Hi. We plan to take the ferry. We travel in March 2012. Do you know how frequent a ferry is going? And how long it takes? Many thanks in advance. Regards, Ilona

  2. Anon,
    Good question! I remember when we showed up just as a ferry was leaving we had to wait about an hour for another one to come along. It take about 30 minutes to get there if I remember correctly. The last one left at something like 5pm, so it’s good to go much earlier-like in the morning to make sure you don’t travel to the port in vain. Anyone got more specific info for Ilona?!

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