Hotel Options on Masirah Island

There are 4 hotels on Masirah Island.  Masirah Hotel, a 2-star hotel, costs 21 rials for a single and 24.5 OR for a double.  Manager: Varghes Emullassery Tel:968-99-266706, 25504401/25504477 Fax: 255044111  Serabis Hotel, another 2-star hotel, is close to Hilf Harbour and is one of the cheapest at only 16 OR (+tax) for a single room, 22 for a double and 30 for a family suite.  Manager: Saeed Hamad Al-Qarmashy Tel: 99446680 email:  More here.  Danat Al-Khaleej (Pearl of the Gulf) Hotel is the hotel where I decided to stay.  It is also a 2-star hotel.  16 rials for a single, 20 for a double and 22 for a family room but unlike Serabis Hotel the tax is inclusive in the price here.  Tel: 25504533, 98009332, 99747176 Fax: 25504532 Email: or  Here is a picture of the double room I got (as no single rooms were available).  Not bad.  The rooms on the ground floor have their own balcony with a great view of the beach.  Here’s the view:

If you want to really enjoy your stay and don’t mind spending a bit more cash, there is the newly opened (Jan 10,2010) 4-star hotel, Swiss Bel-Hotel, the new pride of Masirah!:  A single room costs 75 OR, 85 for a double and 100 for a suite (+17% tax).  They only have 20 rooms here; 14 standard, 2 suites, 3 chalets and 1 room for handicapped.  Tel: (968)25504274  Fax: (968)25504275  Website:  Email: Swiss-Belhotel Resort Masirah Island is situated on the borders of the breeding grounds of the turtles, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers.  Not the best picture, but the Swiss Belhotel pool is great!

Those are the 4 hotels on Masirah.  I hope that this info helps someone out there thinking of visiting Oman’s largest island.  I really would recommend trying to get there if you live in Oman or plan on staying in Oman for a good length of time.  It is a beautiful, fascinating island that is well worth the long 5 hour drive from Muscat, crazy lineup for a ferry at Shannah seaport and the 1 hour 45 minute ferry ride across 15 kilometres of sea. 

Masirah – Must see, yeah!


41 responses to “Hotel Options on Masirah Island

  1. Dear Andy,
    Im planing to go to Masirah comming from Salalah , driving through the sea coast. Do you think is possible? I dont know how is the road now after the last cyclone which hit Masirah. If I go on normal road from Salalah and before Adam i go left to Sur and somewhere is a intersection which is goin down to Masirah., these what i can see on the map.
    From Masirah im planing to go up to Sur, Muscat and back to Dubai, Khasab.

  2. Hi Odina,
    I’ve often wanted to drive the coast from Masirah down to Salalah and have wondered the same thing (whether it’s driveable!). I’m not THAT familiar with the southern half of Oman but I’m sure that going all the way up to Adam is taking you too far out of the way. According to my latest Oman map the best route looks like Salalah to Hayma and then turn off to Ad Duqm. From Duqm, it looks like a good road up to Muhut and from Muhut over to Shannah (the port where you can catch the ferry to Masirah Island). You might want to check that with others who are more familiar with the roads.
    Sounds like an exiting trip you got planned there! 🙂

  3. Hi there,
    We are in Al Ain, UAE, and thinking of going to the Swiss Hotel over the Christmas holiday. However, we have three young children. Do you have any idea how long of a drive that will be since the drive from Muscat just to the island ferry is 5 hours? Is it WORTH all that travel? I hear the resort is nice for families, and has a kids club…but will we really see any turtles? LOL!


  4. Hello Heather,

    we just booked in Swiss hotel with our 2 small children between Xmas and New Year, so perhaps see you there! On your question, we think it is worth visiting before they build a bridge in a few years and tourism becomes more dominant on the island, the nature sounds incredible and where do you think this still in the UAE?

  5. I have been emailing back and forth with the hotel, and it seems we’d have to book a chalet in order to go, but can’t afford that. They said the other rooms have two twin beds in them, or one double. That didn’t work either. So we are probably not going to be coming there. Thanks though!

  6. Thnks for the excellent information about hotels.i just returned to Dhahran after a nice two day trip to Masirah for shelling. The Danat Al-Khaleej (Pearl of the Gulf) Hotel was excellent and was within walking distance of one of the key bird watching areas on the island-one of the few green acres.So “twitchers” might like it.I suggest booking ahead as it seemed pretty busy when we were there and I think some people were turned away.The rooms were nice and it is on the leeward side of the the sea is pretty calm there and nice sunsets.also close enough to Hilf for a hike downtown.By the way the beaches around the island are varied and marvelous-you can easily have the entire stretch of beach all to yourself.roaring surf, calm blue water white sand everything is there.Plus wonderful desert which begged for exploring-which I didn’t have time for.
    I suggest 3 full days in order to get your bearings, ask around for information pertaining to your interests and exploring.Two days isn’t enough.Hilf is a one camel town – i recommend the Turkish restaurant.
    went to the Swiss hotel for a lovely breakfast-visit to check out the natural history of the island display so you know what to look for.
    Once again Thank you Andy.

  7. Pimcoco & Ross,
    THANKS so much! I love it when others take the time to answer questions (which I often don’t know the answers to) on this blog. It’s appreciated! 🙂 It’s nice to know that if anyone else looking for info finds this on google at a later date, they will be greatly helped by your comments.

    Sorry to hear that you and your family won’t make it out to Masirah Island this time. I hope you manage to do so in the future. It’s a gorgeous island! 🙂 Take care!

  8. Hi i am planning to visit misirah on the first week of june . I want to take the route BURAYMI – SWHAYNAN-IBRI-NIZWA-SIN HAW-HIJJ- MISIRAH any one got an idea how many hours drive is that . can we see turtles in june . If any one did this route please help me with my questions

  9. HI all, i am planning to visit Masirah Island next week. i need a detailed rout plan on how to get there, i am travelling with children do you recommend that i spend the night in nizwa on the way there or i would manage to make it in one day. please advise. thanks

  10. David,
    Sorry for such a long delay in replying. So David, did you do the Buraymi-Misirah drive? If so, how long did it take? 8 hours? (Just a guess)

    My apologies to you as well for not getting back to you in time! (I was away from Oman for 2 months this summer.) I guess the option of staying a night in Nizwa would depend on where you started your journey from. Did you make it to Masirah Island? If so, how was your trip? Any tips for readers our there?

  11. Hello Andy,
    I just found this site because I’m looking for information about Masirah.
    I think about going there end of october. I’m just a little bit wondering if it will be very noisy there. Don’t laugh. but I was reading that the island is the base of the Air Force of the Oman. so I wonder maybe there are flights starting and landing the whole time. can you tell me if this happens? you know the island best
    thanks so much beatrice

  12. Beatrice,
    I found Masirah Island to be a quiet, tranquil place. Yes, the airforce is there but there aren’t that many planes coming and going. I didn’t hear even one during my stay there. 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic time there!

  13. Hi All,
    I am planning to visit the island and the Air Base for the Eid holidays. Reading the blog, I believe, I should have booked earlier.
    Any guidance

  14. some info may help out you guys…
    We went to masirah island in April 2010, two adults two kids,
    – drive Sharjah – Nizwa (overnight at Nizwa Al Diyar hotel).. 6am – 1pm (not rushing)
    there is an good indian restaurant in Bahla on the right side of the street at the start of the slope going up to the fort.. it’s open on fridays and used by local tour guides…
    – drive Nizwa – adam – hijj – shanna ferry.. 9am – 2pm (not rushing)
    – arrived at ferry about 2pm but the first sailing was full up.. waited an hour for next one and made sure to “push” our way on..
    – there was new toilets (and shelter) at the ferry but is smelly/dirty…
    – arrived on island as sun was starting to go down, drove straight out of town to find a campsite..

    the drive is long and boring both for us and for the kids, there’s a few basic supermarkets/petrol stations on the way but nothing to see and nothing exciting.. don’t rely on the next petrol station having a supply so top-up as you go… toilets are very dirty…

    We camped on the beach on the western shaded side (less exposed to the winds) of the island, temperatures were very nice max 40C at midday, but with no shade, a bit too hot for me (a pale whitey)…

    the airforce planes (2) made a low run past every morning about 08.30.. but when you are in a place where you see no-one all day long, you don’t mind a brief interruption and may find their presence reassuring…

    we did not stay in any hotels so can not comment..

    best to drive there with your 4WD and see around the place, though there is now a real sealed road all the way around, so a 4WD is not essential, but it is worth getting off the road to explore, the old sandy road is still there in many places..

    the beaches are unspoilt and it is a place to just getaway from it all… it is an excellent relaxing place which is likely not to stay that way in time (so called progress)..

    – highly recommended with or without the turtles

  15. Doobre,
    Thanks a ton for the wonderful, updated info! 🙂

  16. Very nice article, and it was great reading the comments.

    My freinds and I are planning to go fishing in Masirah early December. We’re from Bahrain and have never been there.

    Does anyone have any info regarding boat rental rates, etc.?

  17. Ebrahim,
    I agree. The comments are the part I like best about this post! 🙂 Hopefully some kind soul will post some info regarding boat rental rates for you! Great to get a comment from Bahrain, by the way! 😉 Cheers!

  18. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for crystal clear information about the Masirah Island – Ferry detials from Shenna, hotels @ Masirah….etc….
    Eswara Chary,Muscat,Oman…

  19. Hi Andy
    We used your blog as a point of reference to go to Masirah last March and got a great deal at the Swiss Belhotel. But now we cannot find any reference of it and when I have occasionally, the prices are ridiculous. Has it changed hands? Have you any ideas?
    Cheers, Ruth

    • Hi, Ruth
      I wonder how you got a great deal at the Swiss Belhotel. The best deal I know of there is a room for 2 adults (Deluxe Double Room) + breakfast for 75 rials. It has always been at least that price as far as I know. The other hotels on the island are obviously cheaper options. If you happen to remember where/how you got the great deal last March, please let us know.
      Kind regards!

  20. hi together,
    the swiss belhotel chain handed over the hotel to oman government this autumn – the hotel acually has been build by the goverment and is still owned by the government, as fas as I know. but the manager remained Joe Coelho.
    if you like to go there just be in shannah as early as possible, as the ferry still doesn’t depart by schedule, but only after they gained enough passengers and cars. when we’ve been there last year, we caught the last ferry at about 1400h …
    @ andy: thanks a lot for this post, and for the recent one RE ubar.
    kind regards!

    • Hi Julietta
      Do you know the website or contact details? I have searched and cannot find them on Google… unless I am being very silly.
      Many thanks,

  21. Serabis Hotel
    i realy like it. it was very comfortable .
    also i like the style of the manger.

  22. Hi together,
    We have been to Masirah Island at the beginning of November 2011, stayed at the Swiss-Belhotel Resort for three nights and payed 70 OMR per night in a double.
    We visited Muscat for a week, drove to Sur for 2 nights and than went to Masirah on the coast way. Although on the way were a big sign: “Warning!!! Road under construction not ready for public use motorists use at their own risk & responsibility” we drove through and nothing happened. It was a very good highway all the way long to the ferry.
    We caught the ferry in the afternoon (can’t remember the time) immediately, because there were enough cars and passengers on it. It seems that it was a little bit dangerous, because it was a very old ferry, rusty allover and hard to believe, that it will be safe. At the end we managed it and drove to the Resort. The hotel was very nice, the staff very friendly, the room big with a nice balcony, clean and with view to the sea. Everything looked new and in good condition. The breakfast was nice, except the “assorted cheese platter”, the staff extremly helpful, although we were the last guests in the morning.
    The first day we drove to a lonely beach on the south-east and spent their hours, just walking, playing with crabs and collecting many and huge (!) shells. We also found a whale skeleton on the beach, we’ve never seen it outside a museum! The colors at sunset were amazing and really beautiful, sometimes it looked unreal. In the evening we went to a small restaurant in town.
    The next day every thing changed – the first rain in Oman since one year. It rained the whole night, so the whole breakfast room was under water, big Pool-Towels all around on the floor. The water was running down the walls! Anyway we drove around the island and stopped at loveley lonely beaches during short dry periods. Luckily we found turtle traces on the beach, we saw her way out of the sea onto the beach and back to the sea! We were so happy with our discovery! Unfortunately we did not see any turtle, but anyway, this was so amazing!
    We had dinner at the turkish restaurant in town and it was quite good. On our way back to the hotel a thunderstorm interrupted the electricity on the island. The hotel was not all in darkness, because they organised many many candles and distributed them all over the hotel even on the stairs – instead of being anoyed, we enjoyed this really romantic scenery!
    Something surprised me very much: Some other guests came in, because there were many campers on the island, often with kids, but it was impossible to camp on the beach and the hotel was fully booked. The hotel manager organised an air-conditioned room for them to camp there! Something like that would never happen in Europe!
    Luckily we had a 4WD vehicle, because many roads were flooded. The ferry back to the mainland was a real adventure, because a truck was fixed just with large ropes over the top and the liftgate was not fully lifted to the top. So waves were leaping on board and we were really afraid.
    At the end everything worked well and the way back to Sur was adventures with all the flooded roads – occasionally roads had gone!
    We would definately go back to Masirah, but not the next time at the end of March this year – there are too many other interesting and Andy-recommended places around Muscat to see.

    • Inez,
      Thanks a LOT for this wonderfully detailed description of your recent journey to Masirah Island. Sounds like quite a trip. Thanks for sharing your experiences here with us! 🙂

  23. Thank you all for this update… it has helped me make my planned trip end of February…
    appreciate everyone feedback, just wish Ministry of Tourism would develop the Ferry Schedule easier to travel, but hey that is the magic of living and working in oman.. always an adventure


  24. Sue,
    That’s good to hear! Hoping your trip there goes smoothly and that you have a blast on Masirah! I know exactly what you mean about the ferry. If they made it easier, more people would be lining up to travel there! “Always an adventure”! Yes! Love the attitude, haha! 🙂 Never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

  25. I also recently stayed at the Swiss hotel with my family. The staff were fantastic, the hotel is not worth anything like the cost. It looks 10 years older than it is, clearly built by the cheapest contractor. There are no “adjoining” rooms in the hotel and they only allow 1 extra bed in a room, so for 2+ kids you need either a chalet or 2 seperate rooms. We chose the latter and slept 1 adult to each room with a child. The food is pretty ropey and expensive, but they do have alcohol :).

    Don’t be too reliant on the “leeward” side of the island. On our second night there, now camping, our tent blew flat and filled with talcum-like sand all night – 30+knots.

    Having been quite a few time to Masirah, I’m still not convinced that it is worth it, especially because of the chaos/danger of the ferries. One will sink before anything is done, unfortunately. On the way over we sailed with the bow door only slightly raised – Herald of Free Enterprise clearly not known here. Safety standards and strict timings will be applied at the same time as taxis become metered and driving instructors learn the rules of the road!

  26. Thanks for the info great staff


  27. Hi
    We are group of 5 families planning to come to Islans during this eid 25 & 26 October 2012. I checked with all the hotel and thoes are booked. Now looking to rent a Villa with 4-6 bedrooms. Can anyone give me few telephone numbers.


    • hi dulip,
      there are no more hotels and – as what I know – no villas to be rented on the island.
      you could drive further south and stay in duqm (veronica hotel ship, but expensive) or in some container hotel in duqm (no very pleasant, especially with kids).
      or you try al-ashkarah youth hostel at the coast.
      a third option would be a camping trip with tents, and the best spot is either masirah itself, or the barr al-hikman just opposite masirah on the mainland. if we could help to organize that (we own a little agency in sur, specialized in trekkings, expeditions and camping tours in general), just let me know.
      best regards


      • Dulip,
        I’m not surprised that all the hotels in Masirah Island are booked during Eid. My (old) posts on Masirah Island always increase in views during holiday seasons as families look for acccomodations there. I do remember a few cheap hotels in Duqm. On the 25th and 26th my family will be staying at Veronica Floating Hotel but that’s not so cheap. I like Julietta’s idea about camping as Masirah Island is said to be brilliant for camping. (BTW, thanks for the quick response, Julietta!) Dulip, I hope you and the other families figure something out and have a wonderful Eid break!

  28. dear andy,
    your site has always been an inspiration for us to explore new territories. we are small indian family(2+2), a bit conservative to venture out alone…always moved in groups. Having seen most of the places in Oman, this eid we have taken courage to drive down to see Masirah. We are booked for stay in Masirah Hotel for 2 days and 1 night on 27-28th. (hope the hotel is ok for families?).
    could you ps list some places of visit in and around masirah, any prior booking required for turtle watching -our main interest…ps. guide us.
    hope to hear from you
    thanks and regards

    • Padma,
      Thanks for the feedback. I’m so glad you’ve found the site helpful for exploring new territories! I think you are really going to enjoy Masirah Island! Masirah Hotel seemed good to me. Of course it’s not as posch as the Swiss Bel-Hotel but the price will certainly be much more reasonable. Speaking of that Swiss Hotel, I recommend stopping in there as they have some sort of museum-like turtle info centre if my memory serves me right. They are also located on a part of the beach that I believe has a large number of turtles. I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing Eid with some fantastic family memories!

  29. Dear Andy & Julietta

    Thank you very much for the valuable information. Unfortunately I have to diver to our trip to Ras-Al-Had as we didn’t get any suitable accomodation. Will plan Massirah next time.

    Andy, have a nice trip and enjoy.

    Juletta, Some of our friend’s kids are too small for camping. I will contact you if me or anyone else need kind of support in the future. Please drop me your contacts on to keep in touch.

    Eid Mubarak to All!


  30. Dulip,
    Thanks for the update. Ras-Al-Had sounds like a great alternative! Enjoy the turtles! 🙂 EID MUBARAK!

  31. Hi Andy,
    We are planning a trip to Masirah island around 24-25th nov 12.
    We are family of 4 adults and 3 children aged 8-12.
    Can you recommend any good and cheap place to stay, preferably a 2 bedroom appartment or something like that sort.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    • Sushil,
      I hope you have a great trip to Masirah. What I know about Masiarah Island accomodations is all basically here in this post. If someone reading this knows of anything, I hope they’ll answer you. Best of luck as you try sorting out your plans.

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