It’s all in the Delivery…

Well, the baby has finally arrived and that’s the important thing! 

I’ve heard scary things about giving birth in Oman by different people and some even suggested flying Che out to give birth in the Philippines or Canada!  Most of the time I just considered the source and figured they were worry warts or ethno-centric types.  I also considered that if God is in control, it doesn’t matter where you have your child!  The beautiful poster outside the delivery ward where our precious gift from God was delivered!  Another nice poster  This is one section of the printout from a cardiotocograph, which records fetal heart rate and contractions.  That “Mount Everest looking part” of the printout was obviously where Che had one of her contractions.  As the contractions continued in intensity and length, our poor baby’s heart rate dipped and we finally had to sign a waiver form and opted for an emergency casarean.  Scary stuff! (But praise God, all went well!!!)  Thanks to our church friends for all your prayers!!!  This scary looking table with many switches and knobs is where they placed our bundle of joy just after birth to check on our baby’s condition (which I’ve come to learn is called “the Abgar Scoring System“.  The Apgar table is comprised of five areas in which the baby will receive a score. These areas include the baby’s heart rate, muscle tone, respiratory effort, reflexive response to stimulation, and the baby’s color.  Looking at his health card now, I see that after 1 minute, our baby scored a “9” and at 5 minutes, he scored “10 out of 10”.  That’s my boy!  🙂  The best gifts often come in small packages! 

(PIC REMOVED BY REQUEST)                                                                                       Our Omani midwife, Warda (وردة which means “rose”), (on the left side of this pic, of course!) was a real blessing!  She was so patient, loving and supportive towards Che from early in the morning on Friday right until TOB (the time of birth) of our baby, 6:36 pm on Thursday, February 26th.  I really have an even newer appreciation for Oman after watching her and how she was so gentle and helpful to my wife!  The Indian lady next to her, Jenna, was one of our nurses.  Marites, on the far right, is the best sister-in-law a man could ask for.  She has basically been the biggest support of Che’s life since birth.  Gershom Andrew Brown weighed in at 3.25 kilos and is 53 cms long.  Like any parent out there, I am CONVINCED that he is simplest the most beautiful baby ever! (Although there was one ever more beautiful almost 2,000 years ago born in humble surroundings in Bethlehem!)  What more could a man ask for?!  Thank you, LORD!  The name “Gershom” is from the Holy Bible in the Old Testament.  Originally a Hebrew name, Gershom (גֵּרְשֹׁם) was Mose’s firstborn son and means “stranger in a strange land“.  It is a name to remind our son that he is but a pilgrim during his short sojourn on this earth and his eyes should be heaven-bound (on Jesus!) rather than focused too much on the things of earth.  Gershom and Mommy!  We were so thankful (first of all to God) to the delivery ward and especially our midwife, Warda, (our “guardian rose”) that I picked up this little gift from Patchi in the City Centre.  (As a sidenote, that store is awesome! Great chocolate!)  This picture is just a representation of all the incredible cards, flowers, gifts, love and support received from so many, including visitors to the hospital, facebook friends, church members and family members.  A big thank you to all of you who have been supportive and loving toward us and our baby in an otherwise unsupportive and unloving world!  🙂  The events of the last few days have given me an even deeper appreciation of the significance and beauty of the words of the Bible which state, “This is my son, whom I love.  With him I am well pleased!” 

To see the whole collection and adventure of the birth of our first son, here’s the album:  

Psalm 9:1
I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.


10 responses to “It’s all in the Delivery…

  1. Congratulations Andy & Che!!!

  2. mabrook 🙂

  3. How wonderful…got a lump in my throat just looking at you all. Once again, congratulations…a lovely trio. June

  4. Congratualtions little brother!!! Very exciting times!

  5. Dear Andy, Che and Gershom,
    We are so happy for all of you. The Lord has indeed blessed you. May your quiver be full. We now have a new name to lift before our Lord. We love you and pray you are all happy, healthy and totally, completely and awesomely in love with Jesus.
    Mike and Julie

  6. Thank you so much, everyone! It is appreciated!

  7. Dear Che and Andy,

    Congratulations. Gershom – what a great name! May God bless you all.

    I continue to enjoy an Oman ‘fix’ every 2-3 weeks by scanning the latest additions to your picture blog. Thank you for the Masira pics, it has changed a bit since I was visiting. Thanks too for the sapling sermon.

    And please greet the Bosch’s for me next time you see them.

    Ray Skinner (ex PCO pastor)

  8. Thanks Pastor Skinner!
    Good to hear from you. I will definitely tell the Bosches you said “hi” next time I see them. Hope you and your congregation are doing well. God bless!

  9. Awww so cute…he must hv grown big now…accept my late congratulations to u and ur wife.i have just started to follow you.I m due this month and can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms :)…it’s such a blessing isn’t ?

  10. Hey which hospital did you go to in muscat??? i am looking for one…if you could please suggest

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