The 4 s’s of Muscat!

  Cute and clever use of alliteration in this Jawharat Al Shati poster in the small mall next to the beach.  That is definitely what comes to mind when I think about Muscat: Sun, Sea, Sand and Shopping!

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2 responses to “The 4 s’s of Muscat!

  1. Please visit to view exhibition details for opening night of “Mystical Oman” Paintings by Alan Reed and photographs by Malcolm MacGregor. You are welcome and hope to see you there.

  2. April 6th to May 5th. I’ll definitely pay the gallery a visit to check out your art! By the way, Alan, there doesn’t seem to be any info (that I can find) on the opening night of “Mystical Oman”. I’m guessing that it must be on April 6th. Is there a special “opening ceremony”? Will you be there? How about Malcolm MacGregor? Would be great to see you at the gallery!
    I love that the exhibition is being held over 4 weeks! I also love that they will have your watercolours in addition to Malcolm Mac Gregor’s photography! Great artwork and wonderful pics-double the pleasure! Great concept! I hope that the gallery will have Malcolm’s book available for sale (and any that you might have) at the exhibition. They did this with Tonny Holsbergen’s book “Faces of Oman” and it was nice to be able to walk away with an autographed copy of her latest book!

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