Colorful Old Omani Doors

4 responses to “Colorful Old Omani Doors

  1. These are really colourful. I did a couple of watercolours of wooded carved doors which I had seen in Sur. They are becoming harder to find these days as they often end up by being made into coffee tables!

  2. Hi, Alan.
    I checked out the Omani Doors you painted. Wow! One of your doors (Door, Oman No.2
    Limited edition giclee prints, edition size 25) looks just like the last door pic posted here!
    Great work, Alan! I will definitely have to check out the “Mystical Oman” exhibition at Bait Muzna. Hope you have an enjoyable AND SUCCESSFUL trip here in Oman!

  3. Yes, they slightly do, Ellen, but I don’t think those are crossed blades on those Omani doors (which are more of your beheading style knives of Saudi Arabia. 😦 )

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