Muttrah – Souq, Sites and Seafront!!!

  All along the Mutrah Corniche, there are these artistic plaques with different cultural scenes or places of interest in Oman.   This one is “Mutrah Seafront“.  “Traditional Souq  It’s not even “just a little prohibited”-It’s “TOTALLY prohibited”, ha!ha!  🙂  By the way, how does one “demonstrate a fish“?! This sign is directly in front of the Mutrah Fish Souq.  “Bahla Fort  This is the entrance to the “Lawati quarter” just next to the Lawati Mosque along Al Bahri Road in Muttrah.  The main entrance to Muttrah Souq on Al Bahri Road  A great place to get some gold before the economies of the world crash!  The fish roundabout in front of the Mutrah fish souq is always a popular backdrop to many tourist snapshots!  The road between the fish souq and the main souq is one of my favorite strolls in all of Oman!  🙂


5 responses to “Muttrah – Souq, Sites and Seafront!!!

  1. Great pictures, happy to see them. When I was there and in the Souk, I simply did not have the courage to take photos so freely in there in order not to risk to offend people.

  2. Looks fantastic – so rich in heritage – can’t wait to visit and see for myself. Thanks for sharing the pics with us all.

  3. Berthold,
    I also am VERY careful about not taking pictures of just anyone. If you see any close-up shots, you can be sure that I asked the person for their picture. Glad you liked the pics. Muttrah is one of my favorite spots in Oman!

    It really is a fantastic place and, like you said, rich in heritage! I wish I lived closer to Mutrah as I’d love to walk along Bahri Road every evening if I could! You definitely have to check it out when you get here!

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