Terrorist Clowns?!

There are times when I REALLY wish that I spoke Arabic.  One of those times was when I was watching MBC Action (Channel 113 on Nile Sat) and the following disturbing commercial came on:


 I was like, “What the heck was that?!?!”  I guess it has something to do AGAINST the idea of terrorism as the website is called “no terror”.  Can anyone out there give me the lowdown on what the video says exactly?

This video got me thinking (I’m not sure if it is permitted for me to even dwell on this topic…) about a possible date in the near future (GOD forbid!!!) that we may refer to an event as “the 1st terrorist attack in Oman”.  Has anyone else ever considered this?  I’m sure the people of Mumbai never thought such an event might happen to them before November of 2008 (or countless other cities/countries around the world).  I’ve even heard that the Royal Oman Police have caught suspects before such an planned attack took place during Muscat Festival last year (Let me make this CRYSTAL clear that this is unsubstantiated; simply something I’ve heard several times.)   The rumour is that devices and weapons were found in the trunk of a car headed towards Qurum.  By the way, for all you out there that believe in the power of prayer, keep the peaceful country of Oman in your prayers!  It’s appreciated!  For those of you who who hesitate to relocate to Oman for employment, retirement of any other reason, rest assured that Oman is a great place to live and one of the safest places (besides on the roads!) on the planet.  These are just things that cross ones mind from time to time.  

Would you consider this a “taboo topic”?  Do you think there are some things that should not be discussed (in fear that uttering them gives them power)?  Feel free to comment.  Would love to know how you all think about this one.  (Another eye-catching image from www.noterror.info !!!) (Link no longer exists. ?!?!)

3 responses to “Terrorist Clowns?!

  1. That was an Anti-terrorism commercial stating that people should not act as “Audience for terrorism” but stand against them, because they would strike back at them in the end.

    Here are some more Arabic Anti-Terror ads.

  2. Salam Bahraini,
    Thanks for the explanation. I really appreciate you putting links to the other vids as well! Thanks a lot!

  3. هذا موضوع شيق . و الكاتب يحول يوضح أنة يجب على الكل محاربة الارهاب . و يقول بأنه ربما في يوم من الايام يمكن أن يكون هناك أول هجوم إرهابي في السلطنة . لذا لا يجب أن يقف الجميع مكتوف الايدي و أن يفعل كل ما بوسعة من أجل إبقاء بلدنا الحبيبة عمان سالمه دائما و أبدا .

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