Great Turkish Food in Mawaleh

  No one does food like the Turks!  Some of my favorite restaurants in Oman are Turkish restaurants: Istanboly with branches everywhere, The Turkish House in Al Khuwair and now Turkish Palace in Mawaleh.  Turkish Palace is a humble restaurant with reasonably priced food next to Al Bahja Center in Mawaleh.  It’s a nice place to eat if you happen to be in the Al Hail / Al Mawaleh area.  The Greek Salad was mouth-watering!  Feta cheese! Mmmm!   Both times I went there this past week they were out of shawarma!  I guess it’s because a LOT of Omani families get take out from this place.  The lunch buffet sounds like it might be worth another visit!  I see they still have “sandwitch” on the menu rather than “sandwich“, ha!ha!  The Meat Tikka sandwich was SO delicious when I popped in for a quick bite but the same item was very dry when I got take-away a few days later…  Although it’s not worth driving all the way to Mawaleh if you live far away, it is a nice place to visit if you’re in the neighborhood (like when shopping at Markaz Al Baja).  They are open from 11am to 1 am and home delivery is available.  (Tel: 24544840  GSM: 92726924, 92607016)


7 responses to “Great Turkish Food in Mawaleh

  1. I have seen that. It is directly near to the large house with the dar blue front entrance (Majan House), where I had a business meeting with an Indian business man. That is my best business contact to this day from October 2009. Be blad that you are in Oman, here we never see the sun since 5 weeks in a row (!). Rain, gray all the time, windy, cold, fruits are not getting ripe… I am fed up with being here!

  2. I think they don’t have shawarma because the boss of the shawarma has an injury, as they said to as last week . I hope he will be fine soon so we can get the most delicious shawarma I’ve eaten .

  3. Hi, Berthold!
    Thanks for the comment. Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy life over here soon! 🙂 Again, let me know if/when you show up.

    Thanks for the inside scoop on “the missing shawarma mystery”! If you’re not busy in the next week or so, I’d love to treat you to dinner there. Let me know when you’re free! 🙂 We haven’t hung out in a while!

  4. We used to eat here once a week or more. The service was great the starters are not to be missed and wee a meal themselves. Had a very hard time choosing between the pizza and the Chicken Tika with yogurt.

    • Doug,
      We know a lot of folks who also love this place. We try to get here everynow and then and as you mentioned, the starters alone (mmm, that bread!) are worth the visit!

  5. Got transferred back to the states in 2011 but will be back this month for a visit and the Turkish Palace is one of my first stops

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