The Said Bin Taimur Mosque in AlKhuwair, Muscat, and Its Story of Reconciliation

     This mosque, located in Al Khuwair and well known to the locals, is the Said Bin Taimur Mosque.  Apparently it’s the only Turkish style mosque in the entire Sultanate of Oman which is what gives it its distinct look.   I knew that this mosque was named after the father of Sultan Qaboos but I wasn’t aware of “the story behind the mosque”.  As a Christian, you will not find many photos of mosques on this blog, but I am interested in the history and significance of this structure.

“For his part, Said bin Taimur, who has lived in his favorite London hotel, the Dorchester, for several years, is said to be proud of his son and is known to have written him a reconciliatory letter from there, full of warmth and tenderness.  According to the former foreign minister of Oman, Neil Innes, who saw Said bin Taimur frequently, the ex-Sultan has accepted the situation very philosophically, and was in some respects very happy to have been relieved of his former responsibilites, and able, at long last, to relax.  At least his son succeeded him without the more drastic revolution which he had feared, and which might have overthrown the Sultanate altogether.  I think that in his heart he was proud of his son.” (from the book “A Reformer on the Throne” written by Sergey Plekhanov) 

I like the idea that this mosque was constructed in honor of his father and represented their reconciliation.  Reconciliation (between man and God) could easily be described as the main theme of the Holy Bible and here are passages dealing with this important topic in the Scriptures:  The verse that captures this perfectly is 2 Corinthians 5:19: “that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation.”

I’m not sure if a lot of expats in Oman were aware of this story behind the famous Al Khuwair mosque but I find it fascinating.  That’s one thing I love about living in a foreign land-learning about the intriguing history of other people groups!

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2 responses to “The Said Bin Taimur Mosque in AlKhuwair, Muscat, and Its Story of Reconciliation

  1. I worked for this mosque for glass reinforced concrete(GFRC) precast panels matching with Jordanian stones on behalf of Fibrex Co.,Abu Dhabi and an architect from India West Bengal travels lot of country before design according to him when met him. So far I worked so many Mosques and Churches, this is very beautiful mosque so far I worked.

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