One of the Coolest Gifts from the Gulf!

  I got this from a very considerate student of mine named Waleed.  It is one of the most unique gifts I’ve seen from the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) countries.  It is from the UAE (The United Arab Emirates) which borders Oman to the northwest.  On the back of this marvelous gift is written: PRESERVE YOUR MEMORY  Seven natural colors of sands are collected from seven Emirates of U.A.E.  Abu Dhabi-Red, Dubai-Light Red, Sharjah-Brown, Ajman-Cream, Umm Al Quwain-Blue, Ras Al Khaimah-White, Fujairah-Black.  (Handmade in U.A.E.)  The sand shifts around when you move the frame!  A wonderful gift from an unforgettable student!  :-)

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19 responses to “One of the Coolest Gifts from the Gulf!

  1. Hey!! Andy,
    Hmm….!! Hw do i start.. Well I knw u but u dont knw me. Anyway just want to let u knw tat ur blog is cool & i often keep reading it. I’ve even booked marked it on my toolbar.
    I luv ur write ups on Christ and his presence in our lives. I share the same passion abt christ
    God bless u,
    regrds to ur wife & son.

  2. Hi Sush,
    That’s great to hear that you’ve been checking in on the blog. Thanks for the encouragement, brother. It’s appreciated! :-) “We love Him (Christ) because He first loved us.”
    1 John 4:9-10

  3. Hi Andy,

    It’s funny how I ended up reading your blog. My dad kept mentioning this frame he saw in a relative’s house that had seven sands in it. My dad is 74 years old and never asks for much. My dad thought it was made in the USA. I searched so much for it and couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, the relative said it was made in UAE. So while googling around, found your blog with the first image of what my dad is asking for ! Do you know of anyway I can buy something similar thru the internet.


  4. Hi Sara!
    That’s cool that you found my blog looking for that unique framed sand gift! Small world! I will ask around. If anyone reading this knows where it can be obtained, please let us know!
    If I can find it in one of the shops I’ll do my best to post it to you. This sounds like something your dad really wants (and as you said, he doesn’t ask for much) so let’s see what we can do! I’ll get back to you if I find it! :-) Blessings!

  5. I have this too and think that it is SO cool!!! One of my geologist friends is skeptical and thinks that someone just colored the sand. Are there really seven colors in nature??

  6. Hi Mare,
    I have also wondered if someone went to all the trouble of collecting 7 different shades of sand from 7 different Emirates…the easier solution would be to just color the sand…I would LIKE to think that it is indeed as they say it is though! It is such a cool idea and makes for a fantastic piece on the shelf!

  7. Mine was sent to me by a relative who is there and s/he says that it is true — there are seven colors

  8. Thanks Andy! Please do let me know if anyone sells it.

    God bless you.


  9. I have a relative over in UAE who reports that there really are these seven different colors

  10. Oops — I guess it did post already — sorry for the double message!

  11. Sara,
    Good news! (sorry for the delay!) I finally found out where they sell these!!! They sell them at City Center at “The Toy Store” (24558381) next to the foodcourt. (A friend told me that they also sell them at the local souq but I guess that won’t do you much good!) A small one goes for 4.9 Omani rials and a larger one goes for 7.5 Omani rials. (5 rials at the souq…) They don’t have a website where you can order from but I was given this email address that you can contact: One of the cashiers also gave me his number, if you wish to call about purchases as they can send things through UPS: Mr. Pradeep 99814565. If all this is not enough, please let me know and email me at so we can get one out to your father as soon as possible! :-)

  12. hi i have a similar frame, which i am willing to sell. I am in India though. I got it on my trip to Dubai. lemme kno if interested.

  13. i really love to have this frame. where did you buy this from Dubai

  14. I have a nicer one I got in 2004, I love this, Im not a materialistic person but I could look at this all day, everyone should own one! I got mine in Kuwait

  15. just to add to the last post. mine just has a man and 7 palm trees on the front, I am sure I bought mine on a USA army base in Kuwait in 2004 when I was working with the british army then. So it could well be made in USA with coloured sand but an amazing item,

    • Jolene,
      Sounds like a somewhat similar but different souvenir. I wouldn’t automatically assume that it’s made in the USA just because you bought it on the USA Army base. There’s a stronger chance (like with just about anything) that it’s made in China, haha! Thanks for commenting.

  16. Neat. I love the things students come up with. ****LOL except poor Catbrid’s students****. But I can never figure why they think I need (or would like) a kilo of uncurred dates lol.

  17. Hey Andy,

    i would love to buy this one.Could you specify the exact loacation of this shop?Is it Qurum City centre?

    • alan,
      The shop I mentioned in Muscat City Centre closed long ago. I recently bought another one of these souvenirs during a trip to Dubai. I bought it in the “At the Top” giftshop at Burj Al Khalifa (small one) for only 18 AED which is only around 2 Omani rials or $5 US!

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