Al Mughsayl Bay Beach, Salalah, Oman

  The drive to Mughsayl from Salalah is 45 kms.  Driving around the Salalah area is a very pleasurable experience as the views are all so impressive!  A friendly Omani man I met while visiting Mughsay Bay Beach, Suliman, and his daughter.  No, that’s not their camel and they were just as interested in taking pics with it as I was!  🙂  Don’t you just love camels!?  Salalah lobster anyone?!  Mughsayl has more than 4 kms of beach.  Some stretches are said to be some of the most magnificent sandy beaches of Oman.  I love this pic with a misty, mysterious Omani figure in the background.  Omani ladies enjoying Mughsayl Beach in their black-cloth dresses known as “abayas”. (Did you know that the plural of “abaya” in Arabic is actually “abayat”?  عبايات)  Sometimes pics don’t capture the true beauty of a place.  That’s why we have videos, right?!  🙂  Check out what Mughsayl Bay Beach is like during the wet “Khareef” season  (from the warm comfort of your home!).  The waves do a sneak attack on me and soak me at 2:58 into the video.  There are a dozen or so houses directly across the street from Mughsayl Bay Beach.  They all look exactly the same.  This is the kind of Oman I’ve been longing to see!  Everywhere I look-BEAUTY!  This is the far end of Mughsay Bay Beach.  At the other end, 4 kms to the right, are the impressive natural blowholes near Al Marnif cave!

9 responses to “Al Mughsayl Bay Beach, Salalah, Oman

  1. I love the spelling of “currents” as “currens”. 😉

  2. Ha!ha! I know. Don’t forget the double “t” in prohibitted! 🙂 I also wonder why the “r” in “DrAWN” is the ONLY non-capitalized letter (besides the Word “Warning” at the top of course). ?!

  3. We should pay more attention for English!

  4. Especially when someone is making an official sign, right?! 🙂

  5. Is Al Maghssil Beach the same place as Al Mughsayl Beach just different spelling as I can’t find it on the map, I read that there is a Tourist Centre at Al Maghssil Beach Salalah and I received an official letter from the Omani Consulate referring to Al Maghssil beach.

    • Yes, Greg, it’s the same place. Some places are spelled a least a dozen different ways on street signs. Mughsayl has MANY forms of spelling out there! 🙂

  6. Thank you andybrown. Sadly my wife Vanita drowned on Al Maghssil Beach 25.06.2014. Vanita had been to Oman before, and loved it so much she just had to return. My son and I have been trying to find out what actually happened for the past year without much success. So I am thinking of flying over to Salalah to walk where she walked and spend some time in the places she so fondly wrote about, and hopefully bump into some of the locals she had made friends with.

  7. i am boney form salalah i want top arab i am gay my age 31

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