The Breath-Taking Salalah-Hasik Road!!! Mountains, Cliffs and Beaches!

One of the most scenic rides I’ve ever taken in Oman was this route: Salalah-Mirbat-Sadh-Hadbeen-Hasik.  The total distance is 199 kms with some of the most gorgeous mountain views in all of Oman and equally incredible seaside views along the coastal road.  This gorgeous seacoast ride certainly cheered me up after I had been (Hadbeen) sad (Sadh) with my wife and baby gone on vacation!  🙂  The Dhofar Mountains extend 400 kms along the south of Oman.  This mountain is Jabal Nuss (Nuss Mountain) near Hadbin village.  Doesn’t this rock formation look like a fish?  The most beautiful mountain views on the left and awe-inspiring coastal scenes on the right!  Some very sharp and steep turns during the entire journey!  I saw a towtruck picking up the remains of a car  that went right through the side barrier and down the cliff below!  Rocks of all different colors can be seen along the Sadh-Hasik road.  This is known as “the most photogenic rock in all of Dhofar”: Hadbin Rock on the way to Hasik.  I think this is one of the most gorgeous scenes I have ever seen in all my travels in Oman.  It is a LONG ride out to Hasik and back, but I think it’s well worth it!  🙂


19 responses to “The Breath-Taking Salalah-Hasik Road!!! Mountains, Cliffs and Beaches!

  1. Some of the rock formations are fascinating.

  2. They sure are! I took hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pics! One of the hardest things for me to do is narrow my pics down because I always want to share EVERY pic with my dear readers! 🙂

  3. Do you need a 4×4? Does it take much longer to take the coastal road to Salalah?



  4. Daniel,
    I don’t think you have to have a 4X4 (some areas of Oman require 4X4 driving like up Jabel Akhdar) but it sure helps! There is no coastal road to Salalah really. This ride was from Salalah to Hasik. The road stops at Hasik and then there is a police check forbidding drivers to continue on. I hope this helps! 🙂

  5. If you do drive down to Salalah, BE CAREFUL! Hoping you have a wonderful visit! 🙂 Enjoy your holiday!

  6. Thanks a lot, it helps, I’m thinking in going for Eid from Abu Dhabi to Muskat then Salalah… will be a long drive I think… We’ll bring a rented Honda Civic, hopefully will be fine!

  7. Gulfar company is working on the coastal road from Hasik to Shuwaymiyah. This road expected to be complete in 2013 . it will be the seconed road connecting salalah to muscat. It will have the most gorgeous mountain views in Oman and equally incredible seaside views along the coastal road.

  8. &oman viper,
    That’s good news! There really should be a more coastal road connecting Salalah to Muscat! Thanks for the info.

  9. i didnt get to drive all the way to hasik but i did see the coastal part just before the 1 tomb in the mountains there (forgot the name) and the day that i chose to go it was near maghrib time and the water was trying to reach the beaches but wasnt able bc the wind was blowing so hard the waves literally blew away in the wind it was a very amazing thing to watch ive never seen anything like that ever!

    • I only read about the tomb in the mountain AFTER my trip! 😦 Too bad you didn’t capture the scene you described on video! That’s why I try to carry my camera with me everywhere. You never know what wonders you might experience and want to share!

  10. if im not mistaken i did capture it on video but its hard to tell that its happening the wind was blowing so hard i couldnt exit the car so my video would’ve been in the car also. i love taking photos and videos as well i try to do that alot of the time but i dont have a professional camera so alot of stuff didnt come out so wonderful but i do have tons of photos from oman lol and soon god willing im going to india wish i had a professional camera for that! i will go thru my videos and photos on the trip towards hasik if i can find a video for it maybe i can show you

  11. ah yes i did actually get a video but its not very good and im not sure if you can even tell that the waters blowing away in the wind. and its a bit shakey in was in the car holding my baby

  12. Hi Andy,
    We are a teacher couple planning to fly to Salalah from Dubai for Eid in October. This drive sounds fantastic…..maybe the coast road will be finished by October! Anyway, it is part of the trip now thanks to your Blog. Did you ever drive to Muscat from Salalah?

    • Hi Lisa,
      Yes, I have driven to Muscat from Salalah a few times but not along the coast. I always enjoy the ride to and from Salalah but I’m funny that way! 🙂

  13. Hi,
    I’m planning a trip through Oman in october 2013. Do you think the Hasik/Ash Shuwaymiyyah road is finished by then?

  14. Has anyone taken the coastal route between Salalah & Muscat ?
    Planning to drive to Salalah this july, any information will be most helpful.

  15. Hi, Iam from Sharjah. once drove Hyma-Duqm-Ras Madrkah and road started climbing up somewhere Hasik (?) south of Al Jesr & construction was going one. This was in 2011, had to drive back via Salem/Marmul to Salalah. Thanks for the update & lot of info. unavailable elsewhere. Drove 4 times from Sharjah, but Salalah calling again. Will drive this Oct-Eid.

  16. November 2017, I’ve done the trip from Salalah to Shuwaymiah 5 times in the last 5 years. In 2013 the route through the mountains from Hasik to Shuwaymiah was still dirt track but we made it through, it is now a fine road with some spectacular views along the way. This time I wanted toes more of Oman so after 3 days to acclimatise in Salalah I headed north to Shuwaymiah. I spent 2 night at No Boundaries fishing lodge with my good friends there. Then headed further north through Lakbi and the long drive to Ras Madrakah. I spent the night sleeping in the vehicle as it was too windy to erect my tent. the following morning, sadly,I returned to Shuwaymiah for the night, then back to Salalah. On my penultimate day I took drive south to Dalkut,another spectacular drive around hairpin roads through the mountains (even more spectacular than Hasik to Shu or Salalah to Fizayah) it’s a very pretty beach with soft, powdery sand…loved it!

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