Cancer in Oman

I was surprised to read that 1 out of every 8 hospital deaths in Oman occurs due to cancer.  Just think of those numbers! Cancer has wrecked havoc across this globe and really can be seen as one of the major killers out there.  I’m reminded of my twin brother who during a trivia contest as a teen, when asked, “What is Canada’s #1 killer?”  answered, “Clifford Olsen” (a serial killer in the Vancouver area at the time) rather than the correct answer which was “cancer“.  You might understand why the audience chuckled; to compare a demented soul who killed 11 kids to the grand-daddy of all killers that crushes families by the millions each year seems ludicrous.  Have any of you seen this chart at one of the hospitals in Oman?  Of course the number that really jumps out at you is the 17.7% of women diagnosed with breast cancer.  In both America and Canada October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BRAM). (Click here to see other awareness weeks and months in Canada.)                              Why not take a few minutes to check out the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website here?!   If you have the time and money, why not support cancer awareness by attending this special event, Parampara, at the Al Bustan Palace this coming October 21st?   Click here to learn more about the National Association for Cancer Awareness (NACA) in Oman.

They say that early detection is very imporant in the prevention of cancer.  Read these helpful guidelines from the Ministry of Health here in Oman on guidelines to early detection and lifestyle choices that can often protect us from cancer.  My heart goes out to any of you out there who has lost a loved one to the horrors of cancer.  I can’t even imagine what it must be like.  To any of you out there struggling now with this devastating disease, may God give you the strength!  To those of us in good health, may we always be thankful for the oftentimes overlooked and taken for granted blessings of health!

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11 responses to “Cancer in Oman

  1. One thing that I have learnt about cancer in Oman, is for Omani women, unlike the rest of the world, it occurs in a very YOUNG population. I am talking teenage to thirties, not memopausal. And that cervical cancer (so predominant in the West) is almost non-existant here.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for sharing this post.
      I am very interested to know where did these numbers come from?, 1 in 8 hospital deaths are due to Cancer?!… Even the percentages on that picture seem to be high, they might just mean the percentage of one cancer to the rest and not 17.7% have it. Can you pls inform me about the sourse?
      thanks and regards,

      • Hi Abeer,
        These numbers came from the sign I saw inside the hospital. Of course they mean the percentage of overall cancers in Oman and not that 17.% of Omani women have cancer! I hope that makes more sense now. Thanks for stopping by. :-) God bless!

  2. Thanks for the info, Princess!

  3. I hope you don’t mind, I used a bit of your post but linked to you, here:

  4. @OPNOprincess,
    Of course I don’t mind! The more bloggers that post and contribute to cancer awareness, the better! :-) I enjoyed your write-up on wearing pink for breast cancer awareness! Keep up the great work & thanks! :-)

  5. Great post, thank you!
    I’m currently concerned with scoliosis awareness in Oman, but I have to do something about this too…

  6. Very funny memory there bro! I just wanted to let you know the number one killer was I believe car accidents. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  7. Mimi,
    Glad you enjoyed the post. My pleasure.

    It’s funny what memories can come shooting out of no where suddenly, ha!ha! Especially seeing how I often can’t remember what I had for breakfast the day before! (I still think it was “cancer” as I know what your memory can be like at times as well…) Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

  8. Hi Andy,
    i just wanted to say thank you for taking part in spreading the awarness on cancer in Oman and esp Breast cancer.
    I also wana let u know that i my self a breats cancer patient and hopefully a survivor and i take part whenever i can in spraeding the awareness and tel people my story hoping that it may help someone ,

  9. Maryam,
    Salam a lay koom!
    Thanks for your greatly appreciated personal comment. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I pray that the Lord Jesus may grant you healing and that you can indeed survive the horrors of cancer. Please take GOOD care and give us a full report when you are in full recover. God bless!

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