Silk Route: Chinese & Thai Cuisine

  Silk Route is a lovely Chinese/Thai restaurant located in the Al-Noor Plaza Complex in the area of Muscat known as Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos (MSQ).  We decided to try to out while celebrating the 35th wedding anniversary of some very special friends.  I thought this restaurant would be pricier than it was!  As the Timeout Magazine review of this restaurant stated in the Far Eastern Section of their Restaurant & Cafe reviews, “Silk Route looks expensive, but fret not; prices are extremely fair for food of this quality.”  That’s exactly how we felt after enjoying the evening there.  Apparently the Chinese and Thai dishes are prepared by two different teams of chefs!  We ordered completely from the Chinese section of the menu.  (We may just have to return to try dishes exclusively from the Thai part of the menu…)  These summer chillers are in fact available year round!  2 of us ordered the Sweet Corn Crabmeat Soup which was fabulous! (2.4 RO X 2=4.8 RO)  My wife really enjoyed her Silk Route Special Seafood Soup consisting of prawns, hammour fish, squid, ginger and coriander.  (3.3 RO)  This appetizer, Silk Route Platter for 2, was awesome.  It included prawn toast, vegetable spring rolls and chicken friend wontons.  (3.3 RO)  The Crispy Fried Chilli Prawns were a tad bit spicy but great! (2.8 RO)  This is a horribly blurry pic of the Crispy Chilli Lamb which was one of the best dishes during our evening out.  (4.4 RO)  These maps of the Silk Route are on the walls of the restaurant, the menu, their placemats as well as on the Home Delivery and Take Away Menu.  As written on the menu, “The Silk Route Restaurant invites you to an oriental culinary journey inspired by cuisines of lands along the ancient Silk Road.  The traditions of Cantonese and Szechwan delicacies sit alongside Thai and Japanese fare to offer you a delectable bouqet of choice.”  Ohh, I like that!  “A delectable bouqet of choice”! How poetic!  :-)  The Beef with Ginger, Bamboo Shoots and Straw Mushrooms was not quite as good as the lamb but still in the awesome zone (according to MY taste buds!).  (4.4 RO)  I tried to get a good pic of the Stir-Fried Noodles with Seafood while our waiter dished it out on our plates but once again, blurriness prevailed.  The waiters/waitresses were constantly serving us and asking us if we were enjoying ourselves which seemed like such a blessing at times and yet was a bit annoying when trying to have a private conversation.  One of our guests of honor tried the specialty drink Coffee Toffee with our dessert and wasn’t very impressed with what she called “a lack of taste”.  (Problem solved with a trip to Starbucks after dinner!)  (2 RO)  The Silk Route Special Sweet For Two (hot dates pancakes & toffee banana served with vanilla ice cream) got mixed reviews in the Brown household, ha!ha!  My wife didn’t like it but I really enjoyed it!  The hot toffee banana was incredible I thought! (2.6 RO)  The Seasonal Fresh Fruits Platter was a nice way to end our evening at Silk Route.  (2 RO)

In total with the dishes pictured above, all our drinks, fried egg rice (not pictured), 4% “luxury tax” (so eating is a luxury, huh?! ha!ha!) and 5% municipal tax, the entire “feastarama” for 4 hungry adults came to only 40.984 Omani rials.  Not bad!  If you’ve never been there, try it out for yourselves.  And be sure to come back and leave a comment letting me know what you thought of Silk Route (especially if you try to Thai section of the menu!).  Tel:24696967, Fax:24696991,   Email:  They do outdoor parties, take-away, home delivery and private dining.  They offer a 10% discount on take away from the restaurant.

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11 responses to “Silk Route: Chinese & Thai Cuisine

  1. How was it? I’ve heard mixed reviews…

  2. Hey, Wil!
    It was pretty good. I put my thoughts on the dishes and such along with the pics now so check out what I wrote. Overall, not a bad evening out! :-)

  3. yeah…when i first saw it, it was captionless. haha.


  5. it’s really nice rest…………..

    • Hi, Gautam! Glad to know you enjoy Silk Route as well. I’m guessing you must be the “anonymous” who commented just before, right?! ;-)

  6. I always look up your reviews before i try resturant, I must admit, i find you almost always 100% correct in your reviews. Thank you

    • Anon,
      What a nice comment to read. :-) Of course people have different tastes so I understand if people don’t always agree with my reviews. Thanks for commenting and checking out the blog!

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