The BIG Breakfast Buffet at Stomach, Jawaharat A’Shatti Complex

  This is the ad we saw for “the Big breakfast buffet” at Stomach, Jawaharat A’Shatti Complex.  The prices seemed good and their offer of “unlimited” was too good to refuse!  :-)  Because we have church from 9-10:30 in Ghala on Fridays, we weren’t able to make it to Stomach till about 11:25am.  Here’s what the scene looked like:  Stomach is normally just the small section you see there past the “shelves” but for their Friday breakfast buffet, they move tables and chairs out into the mall allowing more customers to sit comfortably.  It was pretty quiet there when we arrived so 11:15 is probably a great time to arrive.  You must be warned that if you do come, even though the buffet is advertised as continuing till noon, they started putting all the tables and chairs away at 11:45am.  A simple but filling buffet!  The vegetable lasagna was great.  The shepherd’s pie was a bit salty but hey, how would guess that you’d find shepherd’s pie in Muscat in the first place!  :-)  Hash browns!  Mmm…  By the way, when we were there they had carrot juice and kiwi juice.  The carrot juice was good but the kiwi juice was not real kiwi juice and was very sugary.  Most of the buffets around town go for at least 12 RO.  This buffet at Stomach is the cheapest that I know of.  It certainly is no “Al Bustan” or “Intercontinental” but when it comes to a Friday buffet, plenty of food at a low price is all I’m looking for!  This offer is on page 29 of the Autumn 2010 edition of “Timout Muscat”.  You buy a great magazine telling you great places to eat and places to visit in Oman and you save 3.9 RO for an adult buffet or 5.8 RO for 2 children’s breakfasts.  Do the math-that’s a great deal!  :-)  Have any of you been to the Big Breakfast Buffet at Stomach?  If so, what did you think?  If not, what are you waiting for?!

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