Canon – Muscat Main Branch in Al-Araimi Complex

  They sell Canon cameras in many shops around Oman, but if you want more than just the basic camera, you’ll probably need to visit their main branch in the basement of Al-Araimi Complex in Qurum, Muscat.

I was told that filters are a must have for Canon cameras to ensure that the lenses do not get scratched.  I bought 2 of them for 19 OR each.  I also had to get an extra battery for 29 OR.  Ouch!  Seems expensive but these are must have items.  You definitely need a 2nd battery if you have a camera, especially if you take as many pics as I do!  I also managed to convince my wife picked up this sweet baby:

Now that’s what I call a lense!  My Canon EOS D500 came with a standard 18-55 mm lense.  I noticed that the members of the church band looked like ants from the back of the room.

Well, I wasn’t very impressed with the range of the regular 18-55 mm lense.  After purchasing my new 55-250 mm zoom lense, here’s how the next week’s singer (at the MWF conference) looked from the same distance:

Oh, yeah! Now we’re talking!  I’m going to have a blast with this camera!  🙂

If you head over to Canon and need help some help, Mr. Chaminda is very helpful. (The shop’s number is 24561948)  I know next to nothing about cameras and he was more than willing to answer all my ignorant questions so don’t be shy!  Open:Sat-Wed 8am-1pm, 4pm-7pm; Thu 8am-1pm; closed Fridays.


11 responses to “Canon – Muscat Main Branch in Al-Araimi Complex

  1. nice featured post, I also bought from them my 7D, now its time to join a photography club, join us

  2. Hey, “Mars”!
    I’d love to join such a club but the problem is that I’m not a Filipino. That club seems to be exclusively for Philippine Expats. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  3. @Andy,

    The organization name is Philippine Expat, we accept members from different nationalities, everyone can join, recently we had a workshop that was attended by different nationalities.

  4. That’s cool. Thanks for the info, Mars!

  5. do i find here nikon d3100 ?? and how much is it

  6. How much is the battery grip model BG-E8 for canon 600d? is this available in the store? Thanks alot..

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  8. Hi,I would like to know the price of canon70-200mm f/2.8 canon 70-200mm f/4

  9. hi,is there anybody for the sale of used canon lenses ???.

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