“Animal World”, Muscat, Oman

If you want to buy a pet in Oman, Animal World in the basement of Al Araimi Complex in Qurum, Muscat is a great place to visit!  It’s also a great place to check out if you’re an animal lover in general!

This is Araimi Complex from the ground floor.  You can see Animal World downstairs if you look closely.

Look at the eyes on that cat!

If you’re more of a dog lover, like me, you’ll love checking out all the cute puppies at Animal World.

This rare animal is known as the chincilla.  Because they’re so rare, the pricetag of 250 RO/pair should come as no surprise.  These critters are native to the Andes Mountains in South America.  These rodents lack the ability to sweat so if the temperature is beyond 25 °C (or 80°F), they can overheat and die! (But their ears turning red is a signal of overheating)  Still you could be one of the few Chincilla owners in Oman!  🙂

This blue and yellow Maccaw (Ara ararauna) sells for a whopping 900 RO!!!

Red Parrots – 250 RO/each

Black Headed Conure – RO 125

Finches sell for 5-6 RO.

Tank and kit for 34 RO

This set sells for 24 RO

This cool looking tank sells for only RO 75

Wow! 300 RO for this monster tank.

This cute tank and everything in it cost 65 RO.

Of course there are plenty of other great pets for sale not in these pics.  If you live in Oman and fancy getting a pet, head on down to Animal World.  There’s something for everyone! ( Tel:24561211 Email: faisalin.om@gmail.com )


81 responses to ““Animal World”, Muscat, Oman

  1. this place looks familiar…where is it?

  2. Next time you go, please take some pictures of the aquariums 🙂 That way I can be assured of good fish availability if we ever move there.

  3. Wil & Bonnie,
    Sorry about not posting any info yet. I usually take a day or two to put a post together if there are many photos and then I add info after all pics are up. The mall’s in Araimi complex in the basement, Wil. And Bonnie, hang tight and you will see plenty examples of aquariums and their prices! 🙂
    We were so impressed with your tank, Bonnie, that we are thinking of getting a tank for ourselves sometime soon! 🙂

    • dont shop from them there serves is so bad they dont have good customer care or serves they olny want to take your money and they dont know anything at all they are very culeless in their on job and i want to take their owner to cort and sue him for this

      • One important thing about ranting, in my opinion, is that you should be as specific as possible. Who?/What?/When?/Where?/How? It’s also best to avoid emotional charged accusations such as judging what their intentions might be (Like stating, “they only want to take your money”) or making general statements which could not possibly be true for anyone (such as “they don’t know anything at all” – Everyone knows something!). It’s not nice to accuse anyone (even a company) without having specific details; otherwise it’s baseless slander.

  4. can you please inform me if therre are hamsters.coz i think they are cute.and my mither likes them too.i live in muscat.so ive just checked out this lovely place.i cant find hamsters anywhere only guinea pigs are there selling for 30 rials.so just inform where they are.allso tell me the price of the hamster and czge

    • yes i do have the hamsters please do contact me via my email address so i can give you more info and pics via (gelbertmorgan@gmail.com) for more information

  5. Hi Toby,
    Yes, Animal World does have hamsters and they’re only RO 5/each! The cage price depends on the size you want of course. They range from as low as 7 rials all the way up to 50 rials. I hope this helps!

  6. Hi,
    do you have any robo hamsters

  7. Amir,
    I’m not the owner of this store and I don’t even know what a “robo hamster” is anyway. (Sounds like the possible pet of “Robo cop”!) 🙂 Good luck finding one!

  8. hi andy.i am lucy.are there any gerbils in animal world.i am livin in muscat only.are gerbils harmful?do they make good pets?are ther baby gerbils in animal world?

  9. how much do gerbils cost?

  10. Lucy,
    Hi there. I am certainly no expert on animals. Just go ahead and call the shop. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 🙂 Tel:24561211 Email: faisalin.om@gmail.com Take care!

  11. hi lucy,its me jack,manager of animal world oman we have gerbils cost of RO.6 ea.but not always availlable,we have always availlable ,hamster,rabbit,guinea pig.squarels,land turtois,and other,thanks to every one for liking the animal world muscat thanks to andy,toby &to every one

  12. Thanks, Jack!

  13. hi andi,
    I’m Joshua…. can u please post some more pictures of the dogs you can get there? I’m really having a heart of buying one but i can’t get information on vets and other stuff ….. please reply at the soonest . 🙂 (by the way minakshi is my real name…. people like calling me joshua 🙂 )

  14. can you also name the breed with it? it would be lovely if you do 🙂

  15. Joshua,
    Sorry for the late reply. I don’t go to Animal World everyday so I don’t have any pics of the dogs they sell there. Sorry! Best of luck finding a pet. You can always call the phone number I listed above to ask. I’m sure the staff at AW would be more than happy to answer any questioins you may have. Cheers!

  16. Hi! I’m on vacation right now and have decided to get a a West Highland Terrier. You know, the small, white scottish dogs. It doesn’t have to be that exactly, any small fluffy dog will do. Do you know if Annimal World has those kind of small dogs? Or do they specify in dogs of the area? I’d really like to know before I get back because if worst comes to worst my neighboor here on vacation would like to give me one. Although I really don’t want to ke ttake one it would be too complicated to get it on the plane and I think you have to contact the embassy beforehand, so that’s an option I’d lio avoid.

  17. Dear all if you have any Enquirers about Pet & Aquariums .Please contact us,our contact details as follows,

    Branches:Al Araimi Complex(Basement), Qurum Tel:24561211
    Al Qurum Complex(Old CCC),Qurum Tel:24562170
    Al Amal Medical Center Building,Alkhuwair Tel:24487824

    Main Office Tel:24571963,Fax:24571968

  18. Thanks, Aneesh!
    I’ve received quite a few questions, here on the blog and also in my hotmail account, about pets that are available at Animal World! For a while there, I was beginning to feel as if I was working there part time or something, ha!ha! Thanks so much for the contact info!

  19. hiii i need Flowerhorn fish in muscat..if anybody has in their shop pls contact me:96420073

  20. heyy!! 🙂 may i knw the cost of a bunny nd a hamster!! 🙂

  21. do u guys have scorpions???if yes may i knw the cst!! 🙂
    n do ul hav dese baby parrots tht cud b trained 2 tlk??? d colourful ones.. let me knw d cost aswel

  22. NIVI & DYNET,
    GIve them a call. They’re very helpful:
    Al Araimi Complex(Basement), Qurum Tel:24561211
    Al Qurum Complex(Old CCC),Qurum Tel:24562170
    Al Amal Medical Center Building,Alkhuwair Tel:24487824

  23. Im willing to help READ MY EMAIL!

  24. Hello! We are expats here in Oman and we will be having a 1 week vacation back home. We are sure to come back here because we have work here. Is it possible to leave our pet cat there for a week and how much will it cost? Thanks!

    • Nicole,
      I highly doubt that Animal World would take care of a pet as they are a pet shop and not an kennel. Why not call them and give it a shot? What kind of pet do you have? If you have absolutely no options and it’s not a huge pet, we might be able to help you out if it’s only for a week. Let me know.

  25. Hi ,
    I need the Golden Retriever puppy (2 months) can i find in there ? and also what can be price ? Thanks .

  26. Do u have pet rats and if u do how much do they cost?

  27. hi: im expat here in oman,do u have shi tzu or malteese about 3-4 months old and how much, pls reserve it for me??thanks

    • Glenn,
      You really should call Animal World at the number I’ve listed in the post. Hope you find the pet you’re looking for! 🙂

  28. hello i am interested in a Jack Russell puppie…if you have or know someone who have for sale please call me 92428326

  29. I’m selling my 1yr old, 22cm Flowerhorn fish. Pics below:

    Call me if you are interested 99232292 – Solomon

    • Solomon,
      Good luck selling your fish. Seems my post on “Animal World” is turning into a small version of “Muscat Buy & Sell”, haha!

  30. Hi Andy, I just want to ask if they do they have fresh or salt water fishes?thanks

  31. Andy, you’re so patient! Can i suggest that you edit your blog and add the contact info of Animal World at the end, in bold font? I don’t think everyone reads all the comments.

    And people! Call Animal World or visit and see for yourself if they have what you need. And yes, for those who need to keave their pets when they go for vacation, Animal World charges OMR 3 per day to care for your pets(food included)

  32. Mystic,
    Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve already posted the telephone number and email address right there at the end of the blogpost for everyone to see! 😉
    Thanks for the new info about Animal World taking care of folks’ pets for 3 OR/day. That’s interesting and helpful news! Cheers! 🙂

  33. Hi there , what’s you website , I got lost in cyber world looking for your web :p pleas post your website ..

    Do you sell Siberian husky ..??

  34. do you sell guinea pigs or hamster ? i want one of them .

  35. Oh Andy this is hilarious!! I came across one of your old posts somehow and decided to read the comments, I have tears in my eyes at how ridiculous some of these questions are that are aimed at you, my favourite response was “I don’t go to Animal world every day” LOL, really made me laugh!

    • Heather,
      Glad you got some good entertainment out of the comments section here, haha! People seem to naturally assume that I’m the shopkeeper at Animal World! 🙂

  36. need hamsters for my girlfriend….. where is this shop… im in ghala….

  37. How much does hamsters cost if u don’t be rude can u tell how much Hamsters they keep at animal world

  38. AAdarsh,

    I think Mr.Andy sold recently Pet shop to mysterious businessman.Andy was very busy recently and didn’t have a time/patience to meet the increased number of customers demands and requests for the price of hamsters:-)

  39. do you do design and supply of aquarium tanks ( wall hanged type)?

  40. I’ve been to animal world several times as i had to buy a few pet accessories for my Puppy. I noticed a beagle and asked two staff members for the age of the beagle. one of them said four months old and the other said he was six months old. Both clearly lying as the beagle looks three times the size of my pup at home who has just turned 5 months old.

    Always buy a pet from a good pet shop that you can trust. It is a long term commitment and by going to a responsible dog breeder/ pet store you stand the best chance of getting a dog that will enjoy a happy and healthy life. I recommend Creatures at Sabco centre.

  41. how much do cats cost there

  42. Akc english bulldog puppies for adoption

    lovely english bull dog pupies.there are
    two females and one male.they are called emily,eli and chico and they
    are now 12 weeks old.

  43. I need to buy a parrot which one would be better

  44. Hi, I am really interested in getting a guinea pig for my birthday. I have had them in the past, and I really really like them. I have been saving up for one for ages, how much would a guinea pig + a cage and food cost? Thanks! Also, I have actually been to Animal World before to look at some cats about two years ago, and they were being treated very well and were in good condition. The space they were in was larger than I have seen in any other pet stores in Oman. Thanks!

  45. Do u sell abyssinian guinea pigs in ur shop?

  46. hi andy,
    Do the animal world have pomerian type of dogs. if they have,can u tell the cost. i would like to buy one and how much do they cost for keeping a pomerian type of dog over there in vacations

    • I have no idea what kind of dogs they have there but I’m sure they’d be more than willing to answer any of your questions if you call them up. Cheers.

    • yes i do have the Pomeranian type of dog please do contact me via my email address so i can give you more info and pics via (gelbertmorgan@gmail.com) for more information

  47. Do you get hamster toys like wheel,ball,etc.

  48. They’re horrible! I’ve seen one of them beating a puppy to clean its cubicle and it was only trying to play with him!!

  49. Do you have discus fish ? how much of 8cm discus ?

  50. I have a cat i want to sell it do u buy?

  51. Hi, Can you tell me the difference between a hamster and a guinea pig?

  52. Hi, can u tell me the new location?

  53. Dear Sirs,
    This is to inform you that I got your contact in the Internet. I am a specialized exporter of tropical live birds, live fishes and plants aquatic in Guinea, Conakry.
    I am looking for an importer who could corporate with me to do continuos business with him or her.
    Thanks for your good understanding,
    Mr. Sory Traore
    Tel: 00224 – 628 24 99 47

  54. Hi I am looking for 2 rotwillers do you have them?



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