Ubhar Restaurant in Bareeq Al Shatti Mall

Ubhar is a great name for an Omani restaurant.  Ubhar is an ancient city unearthed in the southern part of Oman not far from Salalah.  If you look at the 3 pics below, you might realize why I thought this was a furniture store for the longest time, ha!ha!  🙂

  I love the feel of the Ubhar menu.  It has a handcrafted metallic feel to the cover which lets you know that you have entered a classy restaurant which pays attention to the smallest detail.

Our waiter, Mohammed from India, was friendly and a real help in suggesting some great dishes.

The Muttrah Soup (Omani seafood) was really a perfect start to our meal.  It’s highly recommended for any newbies coming to Ubhar for the first time!

Part of the Ubhar All-Day Menu, the Chef’s signature dish, Al Sultan Salad, was SO good!  With your choice of Omani prawn, tanoor chicken, or classic, served with white onion lemon dressing.  We went with the Omani Jumbo Prawns (RO 3.700).  Looked great.  Tasted even better!  🙂

This was the wife and sister-in-law’s dish, The Machbous.  They really enjoyed it!

This was my main dish, Camel Biryani.  That’s right. CAMEL meat!!! Yum! yum!  Definitely something to try out during any stay in Oman!  🙂  This was not the first time I tried camel.  The first was at a student’s house in Ibri.  I knew that it would be good from the review I read over at www.omanicuisine.com .  The camel meat is braised with flavored rice served with raita. (RO 5.5)  I would not recommend eating the following pieces that come with it though:

That, folks, is camel fat! I would recommend doing as I did-brushing it off to the side of the plate and trying to pretend it’s not there, ha!ha! (Very small pieces which I’ve zoomed in on.  The camel meat itself was really good.) 

There are 5 desserts to choose from.  I went with Ubhar’s Dream on this first visit (also known as the “Chef’s Special”).  Omani halwa stuffed in puff pastry with vanilla icecream.  (RO 1.8)  It was pretty good and I’m glad that I ordered traditional Omani coffee (500 baizas including free refill) to go along with it as it was a wonderful way to end a very pleasant meal at this lovely restaurant.

Cute sign on the entrance to the toilet for men

And an equally cute sign for the ladies!  🙂

If you’ve never been to Ubhar, try to visit someday if you get the chance.  The service was fantastic and the food incredible!  We will definitely try to make it back here again.  I really want to try the Yetti fish and chips!(Discretionary service tax of 12% is added to all prices)

5 responses to “Ubhar Restaurant in Bareeq Al Shatti Mall

  1. Hey Andy,

    I actually ate here once with my parents and Omani host. The food was really good. I would definitely recommend this place. What did you think about it?

  2. This is just getting me really excited about coming to Muscat tomorrow morning………….Can’t wait to see the beauty of Oman, go shopping meeting lovely people and eating the wonderful food. A visit to the Turkish house will definately be on the agenda.

  3. An addittion to my last post, so sorry that I missed off another of our favourite restaurants which is Ubhar. Alan & I have eaten here many times and it is exceptional, elegant, fantastic food and service.
    Our son is coming to Muscat for the fist time so we will be bringing him here too.

  4. thank you for all that information very nice article

  5. Hi, Harmen!
    Great to hear from you. I too would recommend this place. We loved it and plan to return sometime soon. Once I get some time, I’ll add comments to the pics. I pray that all is well with you!

    Hi, Susan!
    By the time you read this, you should be in the Sultanate! That’s awesome that your son will be here for the first time. Hoping to meet up with you guys! 🙂

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