The Noodle House

The Noodle House in Seeb City Centre (also called “Muscat City Centre”) is a great place to enjoy healthy and delicious South East Asian cuisine in Muscat.

Plenty to check out on their website, , including menus that you can look at before coming to the restaurant!  The Noodle House is not only in Oman but has a total of 15 restaurants in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Cyprus, Australia and Qatar as well.  They are also opening soon in Pakistan and Bahrain.

The Noodle House in Muscat City Centre is on the 1st floor (Unit 230) and on the left as you walk into the Borders entrance of the mall.  They also do home delivery at 24558488.

I prefer the food court myself (haha) but my wife (being the food connoisseur that she is) really enjoys the noodle house and so we’ve been here several times.  I thought I should put it on the blog as people are always looking for decent restaurants in Muscat.  The website says there is seating for 153 people but that would be pretty cramped!  The place is fine if it’s quiet but (like many restaurants in Muscat) if it’s too crowded, the tables seem way too close and it’s hard to enjoy a nice meal with your family and friends without feeling that you’re sitting with the strangers next to you!

I love the order pads at the Noodle House.  Quick and convenient and also very helpful to have marked out which dishes are “very spicy“, “medium spicy“, “vegetarian” or “healthier options“.

All the waiters/waitresses at the Noodle House seem to be Filipino.  I can’t blame them for hiring all Filipinos as they are (generally) a hard-working and friendly people. (Although I might be a bit biased on this topic seeing how my wife is Filipina!  😉 )

The Roast Duck Noodle Soup was SO good! (RO 3.3 for small, RO 4.1 large)  Really one of the best soups I’ve had in a long time!

The Crispy Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls  were another great choice by the wife! (RO 2.8) Be careful if you order these as you might find yourself fighting over the last piece, ha!ha!

I’m not normally “a wings man” but the Honey and Ginger Chicken Wings were another great choice by my wife!  (RO 3.5)

The 3-pieces of Crystal Shrimp Dumplings (RO 2.500) were pretty small pieces but yummy! (not something I’d order again though)

The Wok Fried Beef Teriyaki (RO 6) is the only dish I didn’t really enjoy at the noodle house.  I’m not sure if it’s the usual taste (being “wok-fried”) or if it was just our dish that day, but it had an odd burnt taste that was hard to ignore.

The Shanghai Beef Noodles were pretty good! (RO 4.8)

If you’ve never experienced the Noodle House, why not do your tastebuds a favour and plan a feast here before or after shopping.  Find out why some people (such as my wife) insist on coming here time and time again.  She certainly doesn’t have to bend my arm to get me back there, ha!ha!  (Tel:24558377) Open everyday between noon and 11pm.  (Another thing I love about the Noodle House is that the prices listed are inclusive of tax and service charge.)


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  1. The link to website goes to CA, USA. Correct one is “”

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