Bryan Adams Live in Muscat: What a Concert!

The VIP area was the place to be at the Bryan Adams concert last night!  My wife (originally not that happy with spending so much…) was so thankful that we had such great tickets.  One of the benefits was not waiting in line at all.  We simply asked where the VIP ticket holders should wait (as the concert line was super long) and were escorted right inside!

Greeted with champagne at the entrance!

The crowd waits in anticipation

Bryan Adams realled rocked Muscat!  He played a lot of his classics like “Cuts Like a Knife“, “Summer of 69“, “Heaven” and “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You“, “Please Forgive Me“, “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” as well as some of his songs which seemed new to me like “Cloud Number Nine“, “Here I Am“, “How Do Ya Feel Tonight“,  “You’ve Been a Friend to Me“, “Back to You“, “18 Till I Die,  and “Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You“.

There were many cameras and videos snapping and shooting away at the concert.  We were told not to bring professional cameras so I brought my simple “Sony 12.1 megapixel cyber-shot” but there were plenty of awesome cameras there!  These pics are not of the highest quality and a bit blurry as I didn’t want to be flashing into the eyes of the performers.

I took some sweet short vids and even posted 3 videos on youtube last night including the songs “Please Forgive Me”, “Heaven” and the final song of the evening, “Run to You“.  In just a few hours, these videos were removed “thanks to the policing of Web Sheriff“.  I can understand such policing to avoid leaking of pre-released albums and movies, but to totally disallow amateur concert vids which actually promote the artists is absolutely ridiculous! They should be worrying about illegal retail activities rather than bothering the hell out of fans wishing to share a short concert video!   

This is how close we were to Bryan Adams!  Right in front of the stage!

Some smart aleck, just before the concert, asked me, “How old is Bryan Adams anyway? 550 or something like that?”  In case you’re wondering the same thing, he’s 51 years old.  Born November 5th, 1959.  Hard to believe he’s “that old” as he seems so young when he’s rocking away on stage!

Bryan Adams and his band started playing at 9pm.  They left the stage at about 10:20pm.  After the audience chanted “We Want More” in unison for 3 minutes, they returned for another 10 minutes!

Here we are at the end of the electrifying concert: Jess Maglimot, Che Brown and yours truly.

I’m so glad they sold souvenirs at this concert!  They should have done the same thing at the Tom Jones concert.  I picked up a Bare Bones tour tshirt (12 RO), tourbook (3 RO), a 2-disc Anthology CD (10 RO) and a Bare Bones CD (8 RO).  Yep! Your typical Canadian Bryan Adams fan!

It’s cool that the Bare Bones tshirt has all the places and dates of the Bare Bones World Tour!  This will be a great keepsake of an unforgettable evening!  For any Bryan Adams fans out there who weren’t able to make the concert, why not go to and order his new album, Bare Bones, which is an album compiled from concerts in the spring of 2010 on what Bryan Adams called “the Bare Bones tour”.

If you ever get a chance to attend a Bryan Adams concert, seize the opportunity, folks, as he’s a wonderful live performer!  And if you have to pay double to get right up to the stage, it’s well worth the extra cash, believe me!!!


14 responses to “Bryan Adams Live in Muscat: What a Concert!

  1. Oh great pics…. You were standing just slightly behind to the left of me!!! (Judging by these pics) I got there early and was totally in the centre of the stage, right up front!! AMAZING SHOW.

  2. awesome stuff andy.. thanks for the help today.. God bless you

  3. ReikiAngel,
    That’s cool that you were right in the centre of the stage! The VIP area was a wonderful idea and we are so glad that we payed extra for it. The barrier seemed quite far away and the people on the other side looked SO cramped and crowded. Yes, it was an amazing show!

    My pleasure. Anytime. Glad I could help you out. Nice talking with you through email. Blessings to you as well!

  4. that’s fabulous!!! I like the photos,

  5. Judging from these photos, I was standing slightly to your right 🙂

    PS (Oh, and my photos are better 🙂

  6. Glad you like the photos, Anyonymous!

    Dhofari Gucci,
    Let’s see these photos and compare! Feel free to send them my way at!! 🙂 While my pics may not be the best, you should see the videos we took! Incredible stuff! SO glad I brought the vidcam as there were no rules about not doing so on the back of the ticket!!! 🙂

  7. Great Picture of a Great performer ..The Concert was awosome . . i was dancing and singing from the 1st song until the End ..10 years ago i useto
    sing bryan adams to my x gf … and on 2010 i asked her to join me for the concert which she agreed .. we both enjoyed the unforgettable moments .
    i wasnt on VIP ,i wish if i was 🙂

  8. Ali,
    Thanks for stopping by! That’s cool that you went with your ex-girlfriend. Sounds like Bryan Adams might have helped “patch things up”, am I right? Romantic story. Curious to know if you’re back together now thanks to a great evening. All the best!

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  10. Hiya! Thanks for a cool post, it was definitely an awesome night in Muscat with the Bryan Man! Wondering if you know any of the event organizers? Im working on bring a great singer to Muscat but need some help??!!



  11. Lina,
    Thanks for stopping by! No, I don’t know any of the event organizers but there is an office in the Intercon (near the frontdesk) if you need some help in organizing such a concert. Now you’ve got me quite curious…Who’s this great singer you’re working on bringing to Muscat?!

  12. Andy,
    Thanks for your message .. Yeah We Are Back 🙂

  13. Received January 8th 20111 from “Bryan Adams Administrative Offices” in response to an email sent by yours truly on Dec. 18th:

    ” Hi Andrew – so glad to know you enjoyed bryan’s concert in muscat so much! Hope you are enjoying your new CD’s and tour momentos! Unfortunately, bryan does not allow live concert videos to be posted on YouTube. He has a company that takes take of copyright regulations on the internet. sorry about that! all the best, michelle ba management”

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