An Unforgettable Christmas Day in Muscat!

Last year’s Christmas seemed extra special as it was our first Christmas together as a married couple but Christmas this year seemed even extra extra special 🙂 having a beautiful son to enjoy it with!

I took this pic of the tree and gifts at about 2am on Christmas morning before going to bed.  So many childhood memories flashed through my mind as I praised God for leading me up to this point in my life.  I had a lot of suicidal thoughts haunting me as a teen and I never imagined that years later I would be celebrating the birth of Christ with my own dear wife and precious son!

You certainly don’t have to teach a child how to rip open gifts, ha!ha!  But I do realize a huge responsibility to teach my child the true meaning of Christmas as he grows.  A Christmas that looks past the “what-did-you-get-for-Christmas?-mentality” to the core message of God sending His only Son to the earth to die for sinners

We are so blessed to have family and friends to celebrate Christmas with.  Christmas can be the loneliest time of the year for the lonely, hurting and rejected! For every “fa la la” sung from the heart, I imagine there must be at least 3 “bahumbug“s or “woe- is- me“s at this time of year.

One thing that we love about our baby Gershom is that he seems so grateful for every new toy he gets.  Let’s hope that lasts even through his teen years!

One of Gershom’s favorite toys is his “Little Tikes laptop”. (A great gift we picked up at Smart Kids Toys in Al Areimi Complex for around 18 rials)  He must feel like a big boy now as he’s always trying to play with Mommy and Daddy’s computer.  Now he has one of his very own and how he loves smashing those buttons!

Here we are at the 9:30am service in Ruwi.  What an honor to have a pic of our precious Gershom with lifelong missionary to Oman, Eloise Bosch, as well as her son, Paul!

Eric and Jenny Manoguid dedicated their son, Psalmuel, during the Christmas morning service!  The trials and difficulties they overcame and how they depended completely on the Lord for this child is a wonderful testimony to the grace of God and the power of prayer!

This was one of the cakes at Psalmuel’s dedication party on Christmas Eve evening at Eric and Jenny’s.  There is a shop called “Cake Gallery” in Al Khuwair that manages to get a pic in icing on the top of any ordered cake! Cool or what?!

We were invited (once again!) to a friend’s place for an incredible Christmas meal, fellowship and fun!

Gershom had a blast in the playroom!  🙂

“There are big ships and small ships but the best ship of all is friendship”.

Mother Care in Seeb City Centre had the cutest Santa outfits for boys and girls (as well as Elf costumes you might have seen in an earlier post…).  The costumes were quite expensive at something like 14 RO as they know there are always suckers out there, like us, who love cute outfits (no matter what the price!) for their babies!  🙂

I LOVE this pic!

Look out! You are WAY TOO young to be getting romantic, mister!

Mommy’s making a list checking it twice; going to find out who’s naughty or nice…

One of Gershom’s favorite Christmas gifts.  Our Gershom was really spoiled this Christmas!  🙂

This is just a reminder not to “lose your top” if you didn’t get the gift you wanted or have the Christmas you dreamed about this year.  The focus should never be on the gifts we receive or the temporary feelings we enjoy on this one day of the year but instead we need to focus on  the true reason for the season.  This was actually the title of a great sermon I heard this Christmas,”The Reason for the Season“, which God willing I will share tomorrow.

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!!!  From the immortal words of Tiny Tim at the end of Charles Dickens famous “Christmas Carol“, “God bless us, everyone“!!!  🙂


8 responses to “An Unforgettable Christmas Day in Muscat!

  1. OMG, I’m crying!! I can feel it was an unforgettable day! God bless your son!

  2. Mimi, you are too sweet! Thank you so much for any kind words and thoughts you might have for our precious son! Now you’re going to make me cry! 🙂 We really thank God for such an incredible Christmas this year and we also thank His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos, for the gift of a lovely 9-day holiday! What an incredible blessing to celebrate the end of a fantastic year!

  3. Amen! Indeed it does gets difficult to remind our children the true meaning of Christmas; and I struggled with that each year even as my daughter matured into a young lady! As parents, we could only pray for the wisdom.

  4. Alice,
    Thanks for sharing from personal experience! 🙂 I better start praying for wisdom now!

  5. Dr. Susan Ebenezer

    Hi Andy & Che & Little Gershom!!
    We loved seeing the photos & reading all about your X’mas day in Oman. We missed u all & V luv u all!
    God Bless u & wish u a very Happy New Year!
    Dr. Susan & dr. Ebenezer

  6. Susan,
    What a pleasure to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You guys are really missed here in Muscat! Christmas just wasn’t the same without Dr. Ebenezer’s Muscat Mens Choir!! 😦
    We pray for God’s most abundant blessings upon you. We are sure that you will be a blessing no matter where He takes you. Happy New Year! Much love in Christ!

  7. I enjoyed these posts on parenthood the most. I am a mother of three kids and everyday here in muscat is a struggle because we are away from family and friends.we move every two years to a new place because my husband works for an oil company. I just feel that I am struggling through everything here.making good friends, getting playdates for my kids, getting involved in activities etc etc….the way you make it sound Andy, I can only wish i discover the charm of muscat and figure out ways to make my time worthwhile here. Its wonderful how you have documented your son’s growing stages, he is going to feel so proud when he grows up and realises how special he is to his daddy 🙂

    • Thanks, Mona!
      3 kids must be a lot of work (but also a real blessing!) as our one child can be quite the handful sometimes, haha. So have you just arrived to Oman recently? Church has been a great place to meet up with people for us. There is plenty to see and do in Muscat and Oman despite the naysayers out there who argue that it’s boring with “nothing to do”. I’m sure you will slowly grow into life in Oman and find things that keep you busy. If you have any specific questions about making your time worthwhile, feel free to email me at Thanks for the kind words regarding my son and his growing stages. He really is our bundle of joy and we love seeing him develop some real personality with each passing day! 🙂

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