Thankful for the Thorns

I thank you, Lord, for every thorn,
Each heavy burden I have born.
The darkest moments of despair,
And every cross I’ve had to bear.
I’m glad I’ve suffered grief and pain,
Those seasons of distress and strain,
That stunned my pride and humbled me,
And turned my stubborn heart to Thee.
And thank You Lord, for every tear,
I’ve shed for those I hold so dear.
For ‘tho I trusted you before,
Each crisis made me love you more.
For as the sorrows came and went,
They left me tired, weak, and spent.
With all my hope and courage gone,
I could not make it on my own.




‘Twas then my prayers were most sincere,
With tender hands You soothed my fears,
And as my selfish will was purged,
A stronger, deeper faith emerged.
If I had had a life of ease,
And could have lived the way I pleased,
I might have never known the thrill,
Of living in Thy holy will.


The mountain tops, I must confess,
Were not where I was at my best.
But in the shadow of the vale,
I came to know my Savior well.

But for the valleys I’ve been through.
I may not love you as I do.
And might have never realized,
That thorns are blessings in disguise.








So, THANK YOU, Lord, on bended knee,
For everything you’ve given me.
Of life’s desires, I’ve had the best,
Abundant joy and happiness.

Both light and shadows filled my days.
And looking back, I have to say,
The roses bloomed ………….
They died …………. I mourned.
And today, I THANK YOU ……
For the thorns

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